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Sunday Night Dinner – featuring Braised Cabbage and Apple Cookie Pizza

Tonight Alex was requesting ribs for dinner, so ribs it was.  I made some corn bread slathered with homemade honey cinnamon butter and braised some cabbage and carrots to go along side.  Pretty delicious even before we cut into the caramel apple cookie pizza, I know it’s a mouthful, full […]

Apple Cookie Pizza

This was quite a decadent creation of Sarah’s at a fall Sunday Dinner. Please note that there are white chocolate chips in this recipe, which are not on our “staples” list. There’s also a braised cabbage bonus recipe here as well!

Sarah’s Braised Cabbage

Sarah’s low and slow braise of cabbage, carrots and garlic is quite easy and delicious! The veggies accompanying the cabbage are flexible. Give yourself some time to cook it, as it spends a couple of hours in the oven. The outcome is worth it!