Ingredient: Apple Cider

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Apple Cider-


  • Description- a tasty beverage made from apples. Apple cider is pure and natural and won’t contain added sugar like an apple juice.  The flavor of apple cider can vary depending on the variety of apples used in the making of the cider.


  • Preparation- apple cider is raw apple juice. It has not gone through the process of filtering out all of the apple particles in the liquid


  • Storage- Store apple cider in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Apple cider can also be frozen but be sure to take into account the expansion during the freezing process.


  • Nutrition- potassium, iron

Recipes Using Apple Cider

Cranberry Chicken

This version is made with thighs, but whatever you have on hand for chicken works! Tangy chicken, creamy butter, apple cider, balsamic vinegar, Sarah worked with what she had on-hand to make a delicious dinner.

Slow Cooker Barbecued Chicken

Packed with herbs such as oregano and dill, “Our Favorite” brand barbecue sauce (available at the Springdell farmstand) goes great with this recipe, but (optional) fresh herbs and your favorite brand of barbecue sauce too! This is a great slow cooker recipe that ends with a quick trip under the broiler to make things crispy. Set it, forget it, and then make your dinner guests think you slaved cooking these!

Apple Cider Granita

Plan on making it when you are home for the day just like with a roast or a chicken stock, except the end product isn’t a warm comfort food. Instead, it’s the perfect end to a comfort food meal.