Ingredient: Apples

Sweet Potato and Apple Cobbler

This recipe from Southern Living provides a tasty and unique use for apples and sweet potatoes. There are several liberties that can be taken with the ingredients (I used half of the called for refrigerated pie crust, none of the orange juice and much less of the sugar, for example). A dollop of freshly whipped cream really brings this one home!

Roasted Turnips

Don’t fear the turnip! This is a great side for all kinds of savory dishes. If making this during the fall season, toss a crisp diced apple into turnips during the last 5 minutes of cooking for a welcome sweet crunch. If it’s the summer season, forego the apple and use the thyme.

Apple and Caramelized Onion Mini Tarts

This one is a great one on “make your own pizza” night as if you already have some pizza dough thawed and handy, you can whip these up as appetizers. Be sure to save time to caramelize some onions though, that part can be done ahead of time.

Apple Shrunken Heads

This one I first learned about from Martha Stewart. It’s a crafty way to repurpose those “horse apples” that you might get from time to time. Give them a week or two to be ready for spooking folks on Halloween!

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