Ingredient: Cabbage

Red, Green, Purple

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Cabbage- (Brassica)

  • Description

Cabbage comes in red or green shades with tightly layered leaves


  • Preparation

Cabbage can be served raw in salads or slaw, boiled, braised, stewed, steamed, stir fry, or stuffed.  It is a very versatile vegetable.


  • Varieties

Red cabbage (see photo below)

Green Cabbage (see photo above)

Chinese cabbage- This more delicate cabbage needs less cooking time can be grilled or used in salads

Savoy cabbage- The “pretty” cabbage with crinkly textured leaves, also nice to use as an edible garnish on you dishes.


  • Storage

Store your cabbage in the refrigerator in a lightly sealed plastic bag for 1-2 weeks.  If the cabbage is already sliced it will last in the refrigerator for 5-6 days.  For longer storage, cabbage does well in a root cellar (aka fancy name for a cool, dark place… Jess uses a plastic crate in her basement.)

  • Nutrition

Vitamin C, K, B6 and folate




Sauerkraut is a fast an easy way to use cabbage and keep it tasty for even longer!  (Well, the prep is easy, but it takes about a week or so before it gets good).  imageJess made this sauerkraut with crabapples and caraway, it was pretty great!


Recipes Using Cabbage

Cabbage Roll Casserole

Nan’s famous cabbage roll recipe with a few tweaks for modern day convenience. Adapted from the “Taste of Home” magazine, this one fuses lasagna with galumpkis in a satisfying way! The non-cabbage lovers in my household can’t resist it… A can of Campbells tomato soup is one of Nan’s secret ingredients, and doesn’t live on the “Staples” list in Veggiescope so you’ll have to make a trip to the grocery store, but I’m willing to bet it’s good without it, too.

Iceberg and Cabbage Slaw

Another one from our friends at Bon Apetít! A different use for cabbage and leaf lettuce from the farm (I ignore the iceberg part). Its easily adaptable, sugar or vinegar can be added to taste if you like it sweeter or more tangy.

Tomato and Cabbage Tabbouleh

This one is from Bon Apetít and was quite a lovely use for those ripe red tomatoes and head of cabbage. It’s a seasonal trifecta as the mint in the PYO herb garden is usually at peak just as these ingredients are rolling through the share boxes. It can be adjusted easily for gluten free or paleo diets.

Cabbage Fritters (Okonomiyaki)

Okonomiyaki reportedly translates to “as you like it”, and this Japanese treat holds true to it’s name. This cabbage based dish can be made using all staple ingredients. If you would like to make the accompanying sauce, having oyster sauce on hand helps!

Hunter’s Meat Loaf with Cabbage

Think of this as a cross between a meat loaf, a cabbage roll, and a lasagna. It’s delicious, and a great way to use that cabbage when you’re unsure what to do with it.