Ingredient: Ground Lamb

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Recipes Using Ground Lamb

Lamb Burgers Stuffed with Goat Cheese

Grab some pita bread for this one, we’re going for a ride to scrumptious town! Parsley makes for a great addition if you have any on hand. There is quite a bit of sautéed onion, which curbs the flavor of lamb for those that are lamb averse. Hope you like this one as much as we do!

Alton Brown’s Shepherds Pie

Tested and approved by fellow Springdellian Holly F, this recipe differs from Gordon Ramsay’s just a bit, and includes the addition of corn and peas. If you have peas and corn in season or in your chest freezer, try this one! If not, perhaps go with Chef Ramsay’s. Either way, shepherd’s pie is a great way to enjoy your lamb!

Lamb Stuffed Biscuits

This is not a fancy recipe, but I’ve had success in keeping my family interested in lamb with this simple seasoning combo (no mint or garlic involved). If you don’t have time for a scratch pie crust or biscuit dough (who does nowadays), those biscuits, remade pie crusts or crescent roll dough in the market work well. If you want to skip the dough, make it a hash by tossing the browned meat mixture with cubed cooked potato instead!

Lamb Taco Salads

Another recipe from the road. Though the ingredients are all flexible in this recipe (just the way we like them so you can work with your seasonal veggies) Sarah’s chili lime seasoning is a great one for whatever veggies and meats you choose to include. As always, work with the season and have fun making it your own!