The “Show” Springdell Winter CSA pickup #7

Good Morning everyone!  So excited to get out and to the farm on this beautiful Saturday.  Looking forward to having a new set of fresh ingredients to work with!  Take a look at what Winter Share Box #7 has to offer: Onions Potatoes Beets Bag of Spinach Leek Red Radish […]

The “Tell” – Springdell Winter CSA Pickup #6

Hello to our fellow Springdellians and beyond! It’s been a good three weeks since our last CSA pickup and as usual, we’ve been cooking up a storm! We have lots of ideas to share so let’s get right to it!   Dairy from High Lawn Farm Sarah got low fat and […]

The “Show” Springdell Winter CSA pickup #6

Hello everyone!  It was a short week and we already have another box of Springdell goodies to share!  This next stretch is another long one, our team’s next pickup being February 18th!  Stay tuned with us at, not only will we be using up our fresh goodies, but digging […]

The “Tell” Springdell Winter CSA pickup #5

Hi everyone, Jess and Sarah here with this week’s “tell” of the Springdell Show and Tell! We are 5 pickups into the Winter CSA at Springdell Farm, and looking forward to more! Let’s get right to it, lots to talk about!   Eggs Egg and Sausage Sandwiches Gordon Ramsay’s Shepherd’s pie […]

The “Show” Springdell Winter CSA pickup #5

Hello Springdell Friends!  Welcome to winter share box #5.  Let’s take a look: Eggs Rainbow Carrots Garlic Cabbage Bag of Spinach Ground Lamb Onions Coffee from Muddy Water Coffee Roasters Maple products from Ben’s Sugar Shack pure maple syrup maple cream maple sugar Potatoes Leek Bok choy Tomatoes from Backyard […]

The “Tell” – Springdell Winter CSA Pickup #4

Hello everyone, we missed you!  It has been a long 3 weeks in between farm shares. We have lots to cover so we’ll get right to it!   High Lawn Farm Dairy Products (Jess received skim milk and heavy cream, Sarah received low fat and chocolate) Chocolate chia seed breakfast pudding Slow […]

The “Show” – Springdell Winter CSA Pickup #4

Hello everyone!  We hope you all got to the farm for the double pick up today.  Looks like we have some great items to cook with and enjoy for the coming weeks.  Winter Share #4 hilights meat products form Springdell!  This is pretty exciting as Jess and I use almost […]

The “Tell” – Springdell Winter CSA Pickup #3 4

Happy holidays to you! As our second year of CSA365 comes to a close, our gratitude continues as we have a trustworthy bounty of wholesome food at our fingertips.  We need not worry about catchy labels that say “now with real (insert ingredient here)” or “no high fructose corn syrup” […]

The “Show” – Springdell Winter CSA Pickup #3

Hello all!  We are happy to bring you the “show” post letting you all see what the contents are in the Springdell winter CSA pickup #3.  Let’s take a look! Beets Onions Hubbard Squash Delicata Squash Lettuce Mushrooms Blue Potatoes (Jess only) Eggs Fresh Florida Citrus (Grapefruit) Amish Roll Butter […]

The “Tell” – Springdell Winter CSA #2

Hello Springdell Friends, Sarah and Jess here to chat about pickup #2 of the 2016 Winter CSA at Springdell Farm. First, we wanted to touch base with those of you that use Veggiescope here at CSA365. Veggiescope has stopped working temporarily due to a recent software update. We are working to remedy […]