Spring Veggie Quiche

Hi everyone, Jess here.  Happy Spring!

Today we’re celebrating with our first Spring CSA pickup, and every CSA ingredient will be represented, and then some!

I started out by blanching and roasting the fiddleheads and asparagus.  These cleaned fiddleheads were boiled for 5 minutes and (the cleaned asparagus for two minutes) before being plunged into icy water to stop the cooking process. At the same time, I browned some SpringDell cheese and garlic sausage, tossing the veggies with a bit of the drained off sausage fat (olive oil works, too). Layered thinly on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet, these veggies roasted at 425 for about 15 minutes, until crisp tender (they’ll cook up more in the quiche).  All this roasting and blanching may seem like an up front commitment, but roast more than you’ll need, and use it in other recipes (such as on pizza or with Burrata and baguette) throughout the week to save time.  

Mozzarella house has a great selection of cheeses available at the farmstand, and we’ll be cracking into one today!  The difference between the Bocconcini and the Ovoline is the size of the cheese, so take your pick!  

Here’s some sliced and drained Ovoline ready to go!  Don’t forget the draining part, or you’ll have some soggy quiche!

I whisked 6 eggs and about 1/3 cup of cream together before I tossed in some of the browned Springdell cheese & garlic sausage.

Next, in went my blanched and roasted fiddleheads. If you don’t like the large spears in your quiche, you can cut the asparagus into smaller bite-sized chunks. 

I poured the filling into my prepared pie crust, and layered some asparagus and medallions of Mozzarella House Ovoline on the top. I baked at 350 until set, about 35-45 minutes, and this is what came out!

If you are a carnivore, the sausage really brings this one home.  If not, perhaps some sautéed onion would be a welcome addition.  Either way, this is a flexible recipe, so make it your own and enjoy!

About Jess

Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food. She is involved with the Westford Community Garden Working Group, Friends of Fat Moon, and is the current chair of the Westford Strawberries 'N Arts Festival.