Sweet Potato and Apple Cobbler

HI everyone, Jess here with a quick writeup on the Sweet Potato and Apple Cobbler!  

This one is great for the fall when the apples are coming out, and/or when digging into the Winter CSA stores.  I’m going to attach the link here for the recipe that I worked with (from Southern Living Magazine), along with some notes…

Click here for the recipe!

Here are a few of the adjustments I made to the original recipe (which, by itself, is fabulous I’m sure!)

I halved the white sugar in the recipe as I was using Macintosh instead of the more tart Granny Smiths. I used an extra apple and about 1/4 cup lemon juice/water in lieu of the orange juice. (Using 3 apples instead of two seemed to make enough liquid to compensate for the extra cup or so of juice). I also only used one of the two pie crusts called for in the recipe. It came out not overly sweet, you could really taste the sweetness from the apples and sweet potatoes rather than added sugar. The sweet-tooth factor could be a adjusted accordingly by adding whipped cream.


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