Quick Moroccan Chicken, CSA Style

Hello everyone, Jess here.   Tonight we had yet another complete transformation of our leftover roasted chicken! I’ve been making an adaptation of this recipe since first reading about it in Real Simple Magazine 10 years ago. The thought of peaches and chicken intrigued me and I loved how quickly […]

Sunday Dinner – Barbecued Chicken & Popcorn 2.0

Good evening everyone, Jess here.   What a whirlwind the past 24 hours was! After several Halloween parties and play dates, we ended up back home with some friends and family for some make-your-own-pizzas before and after trick-or-treating.  Springdell toppings included canned tomatoes, sausage, broccoli, spinach, onion and the end-of-the-season […]

The “Tell” – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #19

Hello, everyone!  The chilly rains are upon us, Halloween is but moments away, and we’ll be seeing the last share box of the Summer CSA tomorrow.  It has been an amazing 20 weeks and we are most grateful to have had the opportunity to share our kitchens with you!  Thank […]

The “Show” – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #19

Really chilly and windy out at pickup time today.  Share box #19 is here and still full of beautiful produce.  The Springdell summer shares aren’t stopping yet!  Take a look at this week’s goods: 2 boxes of cranberries 8 acorn squash 1 bag of baby spinach 1 head of green […]

Honorable Mentions – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #18

Hello everyone!  Today, we share our “honorable mentions” of the week, those dishes that didn’t make it into their own daily post, but were still yummy.   Here’s what else was happening in Jess’ kitchen this week: Now a look into Sarah’s kitchen this week: As I sit writing my […]

Classic Roast Chicken

 I love to cook.  As a chef it has become a huge part of my life.  I am constantly looking at food blogs, food magazines, shopping for cooking tools, eating at new places, trying new foods.  But every now and again it just makes sense to stick with a classic. […]

Breaking Down A Springdell Chicken

Hello, Fellow Springdellians! Jess here, and I’m ready to shift gears from talking about fruits and veggies and spend a day chatting about chicken.  (My vegetarian and vegan friends may opt to scroll past this post, as it does contain some graphic images of the process of processing.)  The next […]

Honorable Mentions – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #14

When we were unpacking our share at the Buck house this week the boys started to arrange the fruit and veggies on the table, and the cover photo for our honorable mentions post was born.  Who said never play with your food? Here is a little of what was cookin’ […]

Carrot Top Tea with Chicken Soup

Happy Fourth, Everyone!  You might be wondering why I’d be cooking up chicken soup on Independence Day as opposed to the standard grilling fare. Truth be told, I’m off at a BBQ wedding for a dear friend today, so what you’re reading was actually last night’s meal.  (Oh, the magic […]

Sunday Dinner- Roast Chicken with Rhubarb Chutney and Shredded Purple Potatoes

What a beautiful weekend camping!  I am grateful that my family didn’t mind the intermittent summer rain, the weather will be warm enough to dry out anything that got wet along the way, the equipment we used kept us mostly dry and cozy, and that technology was scarce allowing me to […]