Finnish Turnip Casserole

Hi everyone, Jess here.  Tonight we’re taking a look at those giant turnips from Four Town Farm in Seekonk, MA. At first glance, at these gargantuan veggies, I must admit I was nervous.  The vision I held of giant turnips from my childhood usually accompanied a bitter and icky taste.  After […]

Cream Soda Syrup

Hello everyone, Jess here.   I was feeling a little adventurous today.  As I looked through my Winter CSA inventory, I remembered the cream soda, and before you know it, it began to feel like one of those food reality shows where they have you being all unconventional with your […]

Camping with your CSA- Strawberry Fool and Campfire Potatoes

Tonight we enjoyed garlicky collard green noodles with sesame soy tofu, pea pods and rice noodle.   Though it was delish, I wanted to focus on a recipe that may serve the campers out there this summer.  This post is a little retroactive, but given that my family was in the […]

Kale Quiche with Purple Potato Crust 1

Ok, so this one is a total keeper, especially for those that may be put off by kale. The ingredients allow the kale to shine through, but with more of a mellow spinachy flavor.  It’s quite good. I made this recipe up by accident during the 2013 Springdell Summer CSA. […]

Cream of Tomato Soup

What a day…. As I type this, I am in a tent with my five and two year-old.  The breeze is blowing and there is a promise of rain in the air.  Normally I’d not be doing a rain dance while camping outside, however given the recent weather patterns and […]

Meatless Monday-Honey Roasted Radishes and Button Mushroom Ragout

After today’s raw and rainy day of chores and glow bowling with the boys, I reached for the beautiful bunch of pink radishes for inspiration.  Last week I prepared the radishes from Springdell’s Winter CSA share box #11 in several ways- (serving them in soup, alongside some ricotta cheese, and […]

Sunday Dinners-Spicy Springdell Meat Loaf with Rutabaga Potato Whip 1

My soul was not totally convinced that Springtime was here.  The 60 degree temperatures weren’t doing it, nor the dozen robins hopping around on the snowbanks with a perplexed look.  Nope, this was the clincher for me.  My Fellow Springdellians, spring has sprung!  With the smell of freshly thawed land […]