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Hello everyone, Jess here. I’ve been a little quiet over the last month, as we recently lost our Dear Nan. Those that have followed the blog over the years know that she was my grandmother, the matriarch of the family, my culinary muse, and source for many a recipe over the years.

Back in our first full year of blogging, Nan shared with us her recipe for delicious Cabbage Rolls, and it long held the record on CSA365 for the recipe with the most hits.

Years ago, I typed up many of Nan’s recipes into a cookbook, which still gets passed around the family on a regular basis.
There is something about involving a grandmother’s hands in a recipe that just makes everything taste better. Nan’s hands were well-seasoned, and capable of transferring much love to every morsel.
This is what a plate of Nan’s freshly-rolled Cabbage Rolls look like before their victory simmer.
Here’s Nan helping to sort blueberries before the big summertime freeze.
Here we see Nan in her usual comfort zone, stirring something up in preparation for some good eating! I still habitually look over at the spot where she used to sit and give me pointers while I cooked. I imagine her flagging me over with my spoonful for her to taste, and inevitably she’s say “needs more salt”. I’ve always been skimpy with the salt in her eyes, and she was right… I miss her terribly. I’m most grateful for the years I spent in her kitchen growing up, and once I had grown, her in my kitchen. I will continue to cook up the best food that I can in her honor and memory.
(Ok, now I hear Nan’s voice in my head telling me to get on with the rest of the post! *AHEM…*) We’ve been enjoying our usual delicious abundance of farm food. Here we see the most recent Winter CSA pickup from Springdell Farm. This week featured some scrumptious pudding choices from Echo Farms. I was particularly taken with “Shake Your Shamrock” a seasonal white chocolate peppermint flavor that was quite yummy!
Here’s a slice of Nan’s Apple Pie recipe (she was lovingly known as “The Pie Lady” amongst her loved ones, as she always seemed to have one ready to share). It went wonderfully with a seasonal scoop of Apple Pie flavored ice cream from Tully Farms Dairy!
We made short work of the bacon. Roasted on parchment is my favorite as it minimizes cleanup, and you can pour the bacon fat into a jar easily, or remove the bacon then toss on a stack of oven fries!
Oven Fries are simple and delicious. If you have potatoes, leeks, and a little bit of prep time handy, might I suggest a fave of ours, Potato Leek Soup!
Simple braised short ribs in the dutch oven are fork tender and full of flavor, great with mashed taters!
I’m singing the Groton Blues- and I’m not complaining! These blue potatoes have a dense creaminess that sets their flavor apart from their buddies. (I usually let a couple sprout each year and keep them in the basement until planting season, the kids have fun growing them.)
An honorable mention this month was an Asian inspired teriyaki chicken with sushi rice, shredded cabbage and carrot, parsley and sprouts. The salty soy and pungent ginger of a teriyaki sauce balances works with the crunch of a cabbage or bite of a shredded radish.

It’s hard to believe March is upon us! The promise of a spring thaw and better days is just on the horizon. I look forward to our continued culinary adventures together. As always, drop me a line if you’re struggling with a veggie that’s been sitting on your counter a little too long, if you are just looking for general inspiration, or however I might be able to help! Thank you for reading, and until we meet again, sweet and savory dreams to you!

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Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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