Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”. It is the relationship between the farm and the consumer.  With a traditional CSA model, the consumer or “shareholder” pays for their “share” during the winter when the farmers most need financial backing for seeds and supplies. In exchange, the farmer returns the favor in the warmer weather by providing a “share” of the grown produce, usually weekly, to the shareholder. This allows the farmer a more stable income as the consumers are sharing in the risks and benefits along with the farmers. The consumer benefits from an opportunity to eat fresh and locally produced food while experiencing all the goodness that a farm has to offer.  Check out our video to learn more!

I’m a newbie CSA Member!  Help?!??!

Welcome! Hi I’m Jess, and you’re in the right place. CSA365 is designed to help you through this experience! I’m a long time CSA member who will be eating the season along with you, and sharing tips, tricks and recipes in real-time. Please consider joining the blog by submitting your email address on the home page (might I suggest watching the super short videos you’ll find there), and/or join our Facebook page where I share more content and veggie musings.

What are the benefits of a CSA?

There are so many!  With a CSA, it you’ll have a steady stream of fresh and healthy seasonal produce coming your way.  You’ll have the opportunity to get into a routine of a healthy lifestyle, learn to cook with ingredients that might not otherwise grace your table, and much, much more!  

I don’t have a CSA.  Do I belong on CSA365?

The short answer is YES!  All those with any interest in local food, whether it be growing, cooking, eating, or just talking or reading about it can find a home here.  Bring your ideas to share, and hopefully leave with new ones!

How exactly does your “Veggie-Scope” recipe database work?  

The Veggie-scope database is designed so that you can use it in real-time and on the go. Just click on a veggie or other item to be taken to a list of recipes (along with a list of the other CSA/farmstand ingredients in each recipe).  The “Staples” list allows you to know what you need on hand as the foundation to make ALL of the recipes on the site.  Simply supplement the items listed on the recipe page. Click here to watch a short video that explains more!

Tell me about your CSA

I’ve been into CSAs for over a decade…. I currently belong to the following 2020-2021 CSAs at Springdell Farm in Littleton, MA:

  • Winter CSA – (Group A)
  • Small Meat Subscription every other month

I think I have a better way to cook kohlrabi than what I’ve seen here!  What do I do with this knowledge?

Wonderful!  Would you be willing to share it with our community?  If so, please visit our home page and click on “Get in Touch” (or just click right here).

Where do your recipes come from?

Many places! Many are Jess and Sarah originals.  Many come from fellow locavores, including fellow Springdellians (customers/members of Springdell Farm in Littleton Ma), friends of Fat Moon (customers of Fat Moon in Westford, MA) and so forth. Some come from our own family recipes, or adaptations from fellow food bloggers.  I strive to ensure that everyone receives credit for recipes that are not our own.  If you have a yummy recipe that you’d like to share, please do!  

I have a question about this veggie and don’t see the answer on your website.  Can you help me?

I sure’d love to try!  Please go to our home page, find “Get in Touch” and click on Dear CSA365.  If it’s a question that may benefit others, I’ll request to share it, on our site (totally optional).

It would be really great if your site contained __________.

I always welcome feedback on how our site could be improved.  Much of what you see here is thanks to the feedback of our loyal readers.  Please feel free to contact us with your ideas, comments, questions, or suggestions –  and thanks!

I have another question for you and I don’t see the answer anywhere here.  

I’m sorry you didn’t find the answer you need. Please feel free to contact me and hopefully I can help find you an answer.