Jump Start Share Details

From Springdell:

  1. The Jump Start Shares are all one-size-fits-all. So there will be no numbers on these pre-packed boxes out back. Pickup hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 12-7, Tuesday from 10-5, and Friday and Saturday 10-5. (Please note the farm stand itself may be closed during pickup hours). PLEASE do not show up to pick up prior to the pick up window. The farm stand can not promise they will be complete.
  2. We are strongly suggesting folks get in the habit of bringing a bag or their own box right now to transfer their share into for take home. While all shareholders have typically had two boxes; one here for next weeks packing and one on hand…we have decided to make a few simple changes to ensure that we are playing it safe with all that is going on with COVID-19. If you can bring a bag, a box, or tote…you can leave the crates here for now and take your share home in the one you brought. We will operate this way for the time being.
  3. We cannot take any returns into our return shed right now. Totally bummed about that. Our recycling habits around here have totally come crashing down.
Remember to check the white board when you arrive to pick up your share, not all veggies are in the crates and some (such as the asparagus seen here) will need to be taken from the water bins. Don’t miss out on your veggies!