Summer CSA Benefits at Springdell

DISCOUNTS: As a Summer Shareholder, you a subject to a discount at the Farm Stand. This discount is good on produce, eggs, and dairy ONLY, and only on the day of your pickup. As you are at a register, checking out…be sure to mention to staff that you are a shareholder.  

PYO FIELDS AND HERB GARDENS: There are wonderful PYO Fields and Herb Gardens for the Summer Shareholders to use and enjoy! They include but are not limited to strawberries, flowers, cherry tomatoes, herbs and squash throughout the season. These are member’s only PYO fields, and are in select locations only, so please be sure to clarify where it’s ok to pick before picking. (Emails, FAQs, and blog posts are updated regularly to keep you informed, but you should always check-in at the farm stand before picking if you’re not absolutely sure when and where it’s ok to pick). Picking permissions are subject to change as foot traffic and picking conditions are assessed.

VACATION HOLDS: Vacation holds are valid if you are gone for MORE THAN one week. You simply contact the farm, mention your share number and let them know the pick ups that you will miss. The farm will load the value of your CSA share on a gift card to be used at the Farm Stand. Vacation Hold vouchers are valid through the expiration date that is listed on the card. It is valid for 14 days from the date issued. Cards will have expiration dates on them for convenience.   

CSA SWAPS: One of the most important pieces of the “CSA” is the “Community” piece. On the Springdell CSA Facebook Group Page, you can post swaps. Can’t make your Monday pick up this week? But you will be back from vacation on Friday!? Post your “CSA Swap” — More often than not, a CSA member will swap their pick up day with you!  

SUNDAY OPT-IN: If you are gone for your pick up day but really, really want your weekly share…you can opt into a Sunday! You simply email the farm your share number, which day you need to skip of that week and jump into the Sunday option. Sunday Share pick up runs from 10:00 – 5:00. You can push forward or back a Sunday. Please note that our Shares cycle Monday through Sunday. So occasionally the share you receive may be a repeat of product of one you received earlier in the week.  

FRIENDS/NEIGHBORS/RELATIVES: Had something come up at work? Decided to take a last minute trip to the beach? This is the most simple option if you are not going to make it to the farm! You can send a friend, neighbor or relative in your place! Just give them your share number and send them to the farm to grab your box of produce! Just be sure that they leave the number and that the crate gets back to the farm if the food supply went to their house for the keeping!