Ingredient: Broccoli

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  • Description

Broccoli is a vibrant green color, the darker the green color the richer it is in nutrients.  It grows in heads or crowns with tightly packed buds. Broccoli can be a kid pleaser due to its fun, tree-like appearance.

  • Preparation

Broccoli can be eaten both raw and cooked.  Before enjoying, I like to soak raw broccoli in a solution of salt water, vinegar or lemon water, for a spell (I usually do 10-20 minutes, agitate then rinse) to drive out the occasional stowaway. Broccoli can be boiled, steamed, roasted, used in stir-fry. The stem of the broccoli can be used as well, peel it and use in slaws etc. To avoid the loss of nutrients, do not cook broccoli for more than 7 minutes.

  • Storage

Store your broccoli in the refrigerator in a loose plastic bag.  It should last 3-5 days

  • Nutrition

Broccoli is a great source of vitamins C and potassium.  Broccoli also contains vitamin A, K, and B, calcium, selenium, and antioxidants, folate, fiber, and many cancer-preventing compounds

For a fresh and quick way to cook without overcooking, take some broccoli (asparagus also pictured here) and put it into already  boiling water, just for a short period of time and then quickly transferring it into a bowl with ice and cold water.  This process, called blanching, both locks in the flavor and crispness as well as preserves the vibrant green color.



Recipes Using Broccoli

Cheese Sauce for Broccoli or Whatever Sounds Good

Just a quick simple and flexible method for cheese sauce, which goes great on just about everything. It’s listed for broccoli, but certainly is ready to blanket other vegetables as well. Enjoy!

Spaghetti Squash Bird’s Nest

Jess got a little creative with the spaghetti squash, baking it into a little bird’s nest shape, topping it with a poached egg and shiitake mushroom, and resting on some fresh Asian inspired veggie slaw. The ingredients are flexible here, see what veggies you have on hand and make your nest your own!

Broccoli and Potato Pancakes

Less of a recipe and more of a culinary caper, these veggie pancakes could use a do-over. Perhaps read about it here, and then learn from my mistakes to save the consistency of your pancakes! These are savory, and are well accompanied on a bed of warm spinach and topped with a poached egg.

Broccoroni and Cheese

Pasta and veggies are pretty much all you need, and optional panko for crunch! The secret ingredient for the cheese sauce is acorn squash puree, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone!

Burgers with Grilled Fennel and Mixed Veggie Salad

Simple grilled burgers accompanied by grilled fennel, and a salad of local spring veggies. Sarah had artichoke hearts on-hand and those are an optional not-so-local ingredient. This is a salad you too can make your own way depending on what you have on-hand! Post includes the process of blanching explained.