Happy New Year! Meet the Brand New Springdell Bloggers 1

Springdell Farms welcomes two new bloggers and fellow customers, Jessica Anderson and Sarah Buck.

IMG_0187Jess Anderson has been a resident of Westford for 16 years. She has recently taken a hiatus from her geriatric social work practice to stay home with her sons Ben (4) and Kai (2). When she’s not chasing her little guys around, Jess loves cooking local food, gardening, hanging out with her husband Glen, and playing music with her rock band Apple Betty. Jess is a member of the Westford Community Garden Committee, Chairperson of the Westford Strawberry Festival, and Organizer of the Nashoba Valley Mom’s Club.

Jess’ love affair with local food began about 8 years ago when she joined her first local CSA. A few years later, Jess found Springdell and has been a loyal member of the Springdell Farm Family ever since. Jess has been called a “CSA junkie”, and once belonged to 5 CSAs from 3 different farms simultaneously. She is always trying to learn new ways to put her share boxes to good use and to make food that appeases her often fussy eaters.

As a busy mom, Jess has not had more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep for the past 5 years and hence her brain has gone a bit mushy. Jess sincerely (and somewhat desperately) hopes this fact will somehow enhance the blogger/bloggee experience.

IMG_0179Sarah Buck has been a resident of Chelmsford for 14 years. She was an elementary school teacher for 13 years until recently when she decided to change careers and become a chef. Sarah spends a good deal of time chasing children as well, she has two very active boys. When she gets a few moments to herself she enjoys cooking, reading and playing the piano.

Sarah has always loved to cook but this change of career came from her children, Anderson (6) and Griffin (4). Three years ago her younger son, Griffin, became very ill. After many difficult months, doctors, and hospitals Griffin was given the diagnosis of celiac disease. At the time it was both a relief to have a diagnosis, and a seemingly challenging task. Having a love of food already, Sarah took this challenge on in full force. She began discovering the benefits for her whole family of eating fresh and local foods, shopping at farmers markets and joining her first CSA. This change of lifestyle also brought Sarah to the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, and to start her own business, Whisk Baked Goods, offering delicious baked goods to all and specializing in gluten-free.

Sarah’s love of food, passion for eating local, and expertise on gluten-free living will add another dimension to the Springdell Show and Tell blog.

Jess and Sarah have known each other for 18 years, having met through the friendship of their husbands, Glen and Alex. Sarah’s firstborn son is even named “Anderson” in honor of Jess’ last name! Jess has always harbored a little guilt for not returning the favor and naming her own firstborn son “Buck” (but not too much guilt). Jess and Sarah’s friendship has blossomed through parenthood and, more recently, through the love of local food.

Jess and Sarah hope that through this blog, they can share their adventures of making Springdell’s CSA model work for their busy families year-round.


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