What “Springdell Show and Tell” is all about

We figured now that you know who we are, we’d share what we will be doing here for the next 365 days. The Springdell Show and Tell is just that: We “show” you the produce from several of the various Springdell CSA boxes, and then “tell” how it all ends up in the bellies of our friends and families. As we have toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners, the title seemed fitting.

The “Show”

This part of the blog will happen on share pickup day, where we inventory the different items in our share box. We will be starting the year working with items from the Springdell Winter Share, (as well as incorporating those we have stored from the 2014 Summer Share) followed by the Spring Share and into the 2015 Summer Share options, and end the year back on the Springdell Winter Share.

The “Tell”

Springdell Winter CSA Share box 12-20-14

This part of the blog will happen throughout the days that follow the pickup, and will include the full experience of working with all of the items in the share box. Throughout the year we will cook, can, pickle, store, freeze, compost, dehydrate, ferment and grow together. We hope to include some step-by-step photos as well as photos of finished products.

No Squash Left Behind!

IMG_0181We will include a post at the end of the CSA week that once again includes an inventory of the items in the box, along with a breakdown of where each item ended up. Our goal, and we challenge you as well, is to not let a single Springdell veggie go to waste over the next 365 days. We’ll show you how you can eat delicious and local meals all year-round!

Down and Dirty

There will be an element of transparency that we hope you will find refreshing. We are two busy moms trying to make it all work for our families. We will be working transparently and in real-time to share how we are able to use and/or store each item. We will share truthfully about recipes that work, recipes that need a tweak, and recipes that were duds and will not be repeated (we all have those too, let’s admit that now). There will be days when we can craft that beautifully written post, and days where the photos will be missing because the two year-old smeared eggplant dip on the lens, again.

Springdellians Unite!

We are firm believers in the “Farm Family” concept and in our farm family at Springdell. We could not be successful in our mission without the collective expertise of our farm brothers and sisters. Sharing the daily CSA experience openly and honestly will hopefully create a forum with which you will feel comfortable and inspired to comment, criticize, suggest, and share your own tips and experiences! We also have some very exciting interactive weekly and monthly features planned, which we will share more about in the days ahead.  It is our hope that this will be a very interactive and beneficial space to share and grow together!

Let’s Eat!

Tomorrow will be our first share box pickup of the year, and our fifth of the 2014-2015 Springdell Winter Share season. We look forward to seeing what is in the share box as much as you do. Until tomorrow, sweet (and savory) dreams!

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