Radishes Braised in Amish Roll Butter

What a busy week!  We’ve been hard at play in the Community Gardens, trying to see what we can get in the ground.  The boys have been having fun weeding and helping to thwart the family of deer that’s been eyeballing our transplants for a tasty snack.  


I’ve realized that many of the meals this week have been on the fly due to birthday parties, leftovers (especially that yummy spring soup), and other commitments.  So far this week, my spinach, spring mix and tomatoes have been enjoyed in rather straightforward salads.  The boys enjoyed their tomatoes chopped up on pita pizzas, also a straightforward deal.  


My boys are not yet excited about eating tomatoes, but the fresh pizza route is one way to make a lycopene fix happen for little guys.  I’ve found a key is to have the boys sprinkle their own cheese on the pizzas, as they then become invested in their pizza.  As a mom, I can then see a return on that investment.

imageThe radishes this week were a little more exciting than salads and pita pizzas.  Radishes are remarkably delicious braised in one of my favorite treats available at the Springdell farm stand – Amish Roll Butter.  Of course you can braise radishes in any butter, but this butter is exceptionally delicious in my opinion.  If you are at all off-put by the flavor of a radish, I find this recipe really changes up the radish flavor.  It is a quicker adaptation inspired from a recipe by our friends at Fine Cooking.  

I took my bunch of radishes and sliced them crosswise into about 1/4 inch thick slices (saving, cleaning and chopping the greens). After melting a generous forkful of Amish Roll Butter in a medium pan over medium heat, I tossed the radishes in. image After sautéing for a minute, in went a thawed block (a little less than a cup) of Springdell veggie broth.  I cooked this for another minute, reducing the broth some.  Next I put in a tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. (The original recipe ingredients include salt, which I left out and didn’t miss.)  As the liquid continued to reduce, I tossed in the radish greens.  


If all goes well, the liquid eventually reduces to a nice glaze as seen here.


Serve hot, enjoy, and please let us know how you are enjoying your radishes!  We’d love to hear your ideas!  








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