The “Show” – Springdell Pre-Season Pickup #4

After a lovely picnic at Springdell Farm with her boys, Jess headed down to the farm stand to pick up her 4th pickup of the pre-season, which consisted of:


Jess also picked up her bimonthly Meat Subscription on Monday!  (We didn’t mention it Monday as it was Meatless Monday and all).  


We love the variety Springdell has to offer, even between the meat shares themselves. For example, the monthly Meat Subscription package is slightly different from the bimonthly one.  Though things all “even out” so to speak, one might get a different selection of meat from a fellow customer that has a different pickup schedule.  It keeps it all interesting and exciting, and reminds us that it’s not a cookie cutter scenario we have here at the farm, this is the real deal!  Jess’ subscription has been heavy with cuts of beef, and this particular pickup has beef, pork, and a chicken!  We look forward to cooking and sharing with you!

It’s the very beginnings of strawberry season, which for Sarah that means the beginnings of freezing, canning, and preserving.  She loves the ability to take the goodness of the summer seasons and make it last all year.  There is really nothing like having fresh strawberry jam in February, adding summer corn to a chowder in March, or enjoying an apple pie with the falls best apples in January!  If you don’t take advantage of the abundance of produce starting this time of year and extending into the summer months we hope that tuning in here to CSA365 will help change that for you.

Jess and Sarah both placed orders for berries at the farm stand today.  They are still taking orders and the berries really are so good!  Sarah has a tradition of making freezer jam every year with her mom.  This year she is planning on sharing this tradition with her Springdell family.  When the berries are picked and back at home she will take you step by step through the process of making this delicious jam and you too can have a killer PB&J!  We really look forward to showing you ideas for what to do with bulk orders of produce this summer.

Until tomorrow Springdell Friends!


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