Sunday Dinner – Watermelon Salad, Tomatillo Salad

Hello everyone, Jess here.

So even though this is our “Sunday Dinner” with the Bucks, we technically had this particular dinner with the Bucks mid-week. If you are reading this Sunday, we are currently camping and had this meal a few days ago. It was delicious!

I grilled up some sirloin tips marinated in a cumin lime chili sauce. Fresh off the grill and scrumptious for those of the carnivorous persuasion, these beauties were tender and just a bit spicy in all the right places.

We have enjoyed many watermelons this season as-is, so it was about time for me to mix it up. I started with some massaged Lacinato kale, saving the stems for smoothies and pesto. Taking the time to massage your kale really makes a substantial difference in taste and texture. It’s highly recommended that you give your torn leaves a vigorous massage for at least five minutes or until the leaves begin to feel less rigid and brighten in color.
Next, I tossed the kale with a balsamic glaze to taste and let it sit for about 30 minutes until the kale really began to take on the balsamic flavor.
A quick top off of cubed and seeded watermelon, a sprinkle of crumbled feta, and another tiny drizzle of balsamic glaze completed the dish. Simple and yummy!imageWhat goes better with a steak and salad than another salad? The tomatillos from share box 11 were ready to shine. I husked and rinsed them before slicing thinly into a large bowl. I then added about 3 tablespoons of olive oil, one small and finely chopped shallot and about a teaspoon of lime juice. Some kosher salt and a few turns of freshly ground pepper to taste and then it was time to toss. imageAbout 30 minutes went by in the fridge and I gave it a taste. If you make this and the lime juice is too tangy or too sour, try tossing a tiny sprinkle of brown sugar or agave syrup before giving it another toss and taste. I like this recipe as it really brings out the fresh flavor of the tomatillo. This salad holds up remarkably well against the steak. Honestly, either salad would be enough, but why not try the taste sensation of having both?imageWe are moving into September, and with September comes the fall. Time to prep for our share boxes and our recipes to change! Enjoy Labor Day, my Fellow Springdellians!image



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