The “Show” – Springdell Spring CSA Pickup #3 2

Hello everyone!  

Today, we are announcing the winners of the fabulous prizes to those that visited our booth at the Springdell Annual Sheep Shearing this Saturday, and/or signed up for our email list this weekend!

…and the winners are:

Fran Goldstein, Nick Degaitas, and Allison Gould!

Congratulations!  Your prizes are at the farm stand and awaiting you.  Thank you so much for supporting Springdell Farm and our CSA365 blog, and we hope that you enjoy spending this season with us!  

Today was the first time this season that the pickup was in the back of the farm stand.  It’s starting to feel like summer is coming!

Let’s take a look at today’s CSA pickup:


  • 2 bunches of asparagus
  • 1 bunch of field spinach 
  • 1 salad mix (Sarah) or arugula (Jess)
  • 2 dozen eggs

Here is today’s meat add-on:


  • 2 packages of pork baby back ribs
  • 2 sweet/hot italian sausage

It sounds like radishes and leaf lettuces will be ripening up in time for next week’s pickup!


We took a visit over to the pick-your-own herb garden bed to see what was growing, and the chive flowers are abundant!  This is a great time to make friends with these little numbers, simply snip the flowers and bring them home.  We’ll post some ideas this week on what to do with them!  


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2 thoughts on “The “Show” – Springdell Spring CSA Pickup #3

    • Jess

      Hi Betsy, Jess here! Thanks for checking in! I’m in the same boat, lots of eggs! I’m fortunate that my boys like hard boiled eggs. I boiled up a dozen last week and some ended up in our Sunday dinner “Asparagus with Eggs Mimosa”. We’ve been enjoying quite a few in our salads and lunches. I find they disappear quicker if I just hard cook a bunch and leave them in the fridge. (You’ll notice many of our recent recipes have a poached or fried egg on top. When in doubt, put an egg on it!)

      Quiche is THE way I go through a lot of eggs in one wollop. Sarah’s got a “Quiche Custard” recipe up here, and I did a “Kale Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust” that could easily be transferred to a regular crust, our arugula/spinach could replace the greens, or you could just leave it plain and serve it with a fresh veggie when you thaw it (as quiche is quite freezable!) Sarah also has a recipe for “Eggs in Purgatory” which uses a LOT of eggs in one wollop. I’m not sure about freezability on that one, but I hear it’s delicious!
      I’m currently on a big tart and tartine kick. You’ll see this over the next couple of days. Eggs, veggies/meats of your choice and a starchy foundation and you’re good to go! Don’t want the starch? Try a Frittata! YUM!

      Feel free to search for any of the recipes I mentioned in our search bar, or better yet – If you’re on our web page right now, click up above on the menu bar where it says “Veggie Scope”. You should see 8 squares. Click on the “Dairy” square, then click on “eggs”. We currently have 67 recipes that use eggs. The little descriptions an listings of other CSA ingredients used in each recipe will hopefully lead you to the recipes that will work best for you! Give it a try, I can assure you the Veggiescope sounds more confusing than it is.

      Apologies for the ramble, hope this helps and thanks again for checking in!