The “Tell” – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #2

Hi everyone!  Jess here.  Hope all is well, I apologize for the formatting as I’m still camping and trying to blog from my cell phone. Here’s hoping it reaches you in a relatively decent format!

Let’s take a look at the share box for this past week: image2 quarts of strawberries

-Jess left hers on the counter and watched them get devoured

-Sarah used hers in strawberry pancakes and the rest were eaten as is

2 red Russian kale

kale pesto 2 ways

-Kale salad with Springdell hot sausage and mozzerella

1 bok choy

-Jess passed hers along to her uncle as she was going out of town

-Sarah used hers in stir fry

1 head of lettuce

-Jess had butter lettuce and enjoyed hers with seared scallops and kale pesto (the pecan version)

-Sarah had a few lunch salads out of her lettuce as well as enjoyed on her     Egg Salad sandwiches 

1 bunch of parsley

-Jess has plans for quinoa tabouleh at tomorrow’s Sunday dinner

-Sarah’s Egg salad sandwiches

-The Bucks enjoyed Smoothies almost every day this week!

1 winterbor kale

kale pesto 2 ways


2 heads of lettuce (a beautiful purple variation)

-on and aside of Springdell burgers 

-Lunch salads and sandwiches

1 bunch of collards

-boiled for about 10 minutes then sautéed in bacon fat

-Still waiting to be used at the Buck house

1 lacinato kale

-kale strawberry smoothie

-Steamed with garlic and butter

2 quarts of strawberries

-kale strawberry smoothies

-enjoyed as-is

-eggs ended up scrambled with Springdell bacon, and in eggs in a nest for Jess

Egg Salad Sandwiches

-Hard boiled eggs for breakfast


Here are some of the Springdell meats and other honorable mentions of the week:


Camping with Springdell bacon and eggs for breakfast.


Camping with Springdell burgers and red leaf lettuce for dinner and collard greens boiled and then sautéed in bacon fat made a satisfying side. 

imageDid I mention the beef short cut?  This is Framer Jamie’s favorite piece of beef, and now I can see why!  Just a quick sear on each side on your grill at high heat, and you are in for a tender and tasty treat! 


Sarah made a stir fry with snap peas from her garden, bok choy, red peppers and Springdell beef.


This particular smoothie is a banana, kale, parsley, and agave nectar smoothie!


Sarah had a repeat of last week it was so good!  Fresh strawberries with ricotta cheese and mint sugar.


Kale salad with Springdell hot sausage, mozzerella, and yes, a few of the boys baked fries.

This week was all about kale so here are the updates for kale in VeggieScope:

  • Redbor Kale
  • Red Russian Kale
  • Lacinato Kale
  • Winterbor Kale

Have a good night all, join us tomorrow for Sunday Night Dinner!

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