The “Tell” – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #15

Hello everyone, Jess and Sarah here. We wanted to start out wishing a very happy birthday to Farmer Jamie, here’s hoping it was filled with much rejoicing. 


Driving down Route 95 past Totten Pond this weekend really hit home.  The massive pond had painfully withered, and was close to empty in many spots. This drought continues to have devastating effects on our farmers.  Please keep that in mind as you enjoy the produce being brought to us. Our food tells a story, and the story of the food in this crate is filled with incredibly hard work, perseverance, and heart. We remain most grateful for that.  

We were not sure where was this “light” share that Farmer Jamie had mentioned, as this crate still chock full of goodness to enjoy! The effort to keep those crates full is massive.  Our farmers are truly amazing. On with the Tell!  


  • Corn
    • Corn on the cob, some frozen for winter use (thanks to whomever left some in the swap box!)
    • corn on the cob at Sarah’s too, and some will be used in tomorrow’s Sunday Night Dinner
  • Carrots
    • Carrot Sticks for school and lunch snacks
    • Carrot Top Pesto
    • Carrot top pesto made and into Sarah’s freezer
  • Spinach
  • apples
    • Apple Upside Down Thingo (on Sunday Dinner)
    • Packed in lunch boxes 
    • Snacked on with peanut butter
    • Apple pie filling
  • tomatoes
  • acorn squash
    • Cold storage at Sarah’s house
    • Jess’ too.  
  • buttecup squash
    • Cold storage at Sarah’s house
    • Jess’ too.  Looking forward to using it soon!  🙂



  • Two Apple totes, honey crisp and macoun
    • Honey Crisps are being devoured one by one on Jess’ counter
    • Apple pies at Sarah’s house



We have been working hard getting our Veggiescope back on track after the recent technical difficulties.  Jess has finished entering last season’s recipes through August 2015 (this all has to happen by hand, so it takes a while).  Sarah is adding blurbs about each CSA veggie and fruit at an average of two per week.  Long story short, we are continuing to work hard so that Veggiescope will give you one-stop shopping for your favorite CSA recipes.  If you have a favorite CSA recipe or veggie tip to share, please let us know so that we can help to spread the word by adding it to the Veggiescope!

Here’s a quick peek-a-loo at what’s going on in Jess’ kitchen:

I feel like we are a week behind on our veggies, so our “tell” doesn’t reflect a lot of what we ate this week.  Last week’s cabbage made an appearance in our second attempt at Okonomiyaki.  


Behold the hearty goodness that even some of my cabbage averse family members were into. My better half finds it reminiscent of hash browns, and preferred his without any sauce.  Whatever works, these are getting better at each attempt.   


Can I once again share a pic of the middle of this slow cooked Springdell short rib?  So tender, no knife was needed.  


Ben’s upside down apple thingo was a welcome dessert at the dinner table.  


I apologize for this pic being an “after” shot.  This crock was filled with Spinach Au Gratin, topped with buttery delicious bread crumbs.  It’s amazing how spinach and other greens break down.  I found myself with four bags of spinach at the beginning of the week, and they were gone so much quicker than I would have imagined.  This dish is a great one if you are overwhelmed with spinach (or kale, swiss chard or other tasty green). 

img_0244This Zucchini Crescent Pie came out quite delicious.  I love this recipe for its flexibility.  


We did Stuffed Shells here before, so I skipped the picture. I made two trays for a potluck tonight, and had a bit of filling leftover so I decided to make a white lasagna. The boys still have an aversion to tomato sauce in lasagna but i know I’ll be missing that tomatoey goodness. Hence, for the first layer of the lasagna, I sliced my remaining tomatoes into a thin drizzle of heavy cream. The rest of the lasagna was layered without sauce or tomatoes or anything. The idea is that I’ll scoop the boys’ servings out of the pan a little shallower so that they don’t have to have tomato (heaven forbid).


For you foragers, I wanted to send a quick reminder that it’s a good time to forage for Lemon Sorrel before the weather gets too chilly.  These arrowhead shaped leaves have such a fresh and pleasant lemony taste, a perfect addition to the dinner table.  

Sarah’s kitchen…

This was beyond a crazy week, I hope it settles down a bit this week, so I can get caught up on my veggies, I have quite a few waiting for use…don’t worry, I’ll get to them!  So sorry I leave you all with just two lonely pictures today, but they were both super yummy!


I used the pork cutlets from my meat share, breaded, served on a bed of spinach and a side of corn on the cob.


Quick soccer meals…I made this three times this week, it is just so good!  Bed of spinach, poached eggs, and fried rice.

imageA featured recipe of the week was my Smoked Paprika and Tomato Butter.  Who knew?

Before we depart for the evening, here is another plug for the Harvest Potluck dinner on October 1st at Springdell Farm.  We hope to see you there!  In the meantime, sweet dreams, and we’ll see you tomorrow for Sunday dinner with Sarah.  


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