The “Tell”- Springdell Winter CSA Pickup #7

Hello everyone, Jess and Sarah here with our recap of how we enjoyed the produce from Springdell Farm’s 7th share box of the Winter CSA season.

Springdell Farm is having “March Meat Madness” this month.  Try out new cuts of meat, or stay tuned to our Springdell Show and Tell and Veggie-Scope to see how we are using the different cuts of meat, nose to tail!  

It’s also time to sign up for your Summer CSA!  Be sure to get in contact with Jamie over at Springdell Farms if you’re interested in cooking along with us this summer!  

Let’s get to the 7th Winter CSA of the season.  

Let’s take a quick look in Jess’ kitchen:

I picked up this scrumptious live greenery from the farm stand, it’s a first round experiment of micro basil from Johnny Putt Farm in Littleton, MA. The best part is that the box is completely compostable once you’re done your greens! You’ll see the micro basil topping several different dishes below!

For Sunday Dinner, we enjoyed a visit from the Buck Family and the Almeida Family (of Fat Moon Fame) for Ben’s birthday party.  I slow cooked a Lamb Shoulder Roast with a Char Siu Marinade and Steamed some of the bok choy with aromatics such as star anise, lemon, garlic and ginger. The Johnny Putt Micro Basil was a nice topper and some steamed jasmine rice rounded things out.  Yummy!

I learned a cool tip from a friend of a friend this weekend-prep my daily smoothie ingredients one freezer bag for each day of the week.  In this pic you can see summer berries, melon, kale stems and bananas (the only thing not from our local farm). Back into the freezer these measured bags go until it’s smoothie making time.  This has kept me from missing smoothie making on days that I’m running late, because I just have to dump things into the Vitamix and go! The freezer bags can be thrown back into the freezer once emptied, and reused the following week. 

The marinated herb button mushrooms from the CSA came out pretty good!  The marinade is basic, and can be adjusted for those that crave more sweetness, garlic, or vinegar taste.  The micro basil was a pretty good stand-in for the grown-up version, but only in the no-cook version as it’s delicate flavors can be preserved. (As you’ll see in the photos, I put the micro basil on just about everything this week!)

This Marinated Seitan with Fat Moon Shiitakes, Springdell spinach, purple cabbage, garlic and Johnny Putt Farm micro basil was a scrumptious Meatless Monday treat.  Thanks to Ordinary Vegan for the recipe adaptation!

This organic pasta was a gift from my mother. I topped it with a hearty Fat Moon shiitake mushroom cream sauce with Springdell leeks and chopped Maine tomatoes.

This yummy sauce was on double duty!  The leftovers I used on a slow cooked cube steak and egg noodles. The cube steak was so tender and it’s simply awesome with any mushroom cream sauce or gravy.  

Here was a shredded potato crust on a spinach quiche. I’ve made something similar before (using kale and purple potatoes). Instead of sharp cheddar, I used Edam cheese, giving the quiche it’s orange hue. It’s a pretty flexible dish which is why I love it!  

I tried out a sweet pickled daikon radish recipe (courtesy of the Food Network) with half of my daikon. While it tasted pretty good, my family wouldn’t go near is as they couldn’t stand the smell.  

The other half went into a Shredded Daikon Salad (courtesy of Worden Farms) that was reminiscent of seaweed salad in flavor.  I LOVE seaweed salad so of course I was all over it.

More spinach and egg in a simple omelette. Gotta love simple! 

Freezer foraging was great for this meal.  Summer tomatoes, corn, and a can of black beans were tossed with a thinly sliced top round steak.  A tablespoon of chili powder and a teaspoon of cumin provided the seasoning.  A vegetarian version with cottage cheese was a great leftover lunch the next day!

I can’t resist Bibimbap.  Here is a version with shredded cabbage, a fried egg and Springdell thinly shaven Delmonico steak.  

That was fun! Now a look into Sarah’s kitchen:

No kidding on the scrumptious live greenery from the farm stand!  Sarah had some micro mild mix greens.  As Jess mentioned above, Johnny Putt Farm made all of the packaging compostable, which is so cool!  Check out the photos below.

These greens were great on many dishes in our kitchen too!

Grown-up grilled cheese sandwiches were on the menu over vacation week. These sandwiches included muenster, mozzarella, goat cheese, tomatoes, and micro greens.

Chocolate milk popsicles, a family favorite!

Simple spinach side salads, Springdell ground beef meatballs, summer tomato sauce from the freezer, all served on a bed a rice.

Springdell sausage…amazing! Serve it up with some warm banana bread with a smear of cream cheese and some Ben’s Maple Cream. Heaven.

Omelettes with goat cheese and mushrooms. My husband is loving it!

Frozen strawberries from the summer bounty, potato leek pancakes, and ground lamb and spices on top of a bed of baby spinach. Everything Springdell!

Finally, please say a prayer, cross your fingers, or send good vibes as you see fit for the New England stone fruits and the farmers who nurture them. The warm weather followed by extreme cold is again threatening our crops for this year. Here’s hoping for the best possible outcome.  

See you back here tomorrow for the 8th “Show” of the Springdell Show and Tell!

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