The “Show” Springdell Winter CSA pickup #10

Hello, Sarah here!  Isn’t it so nice to see the sun again today?  Our farm family seemed to be enjoying the day at the farm stand, much better than some of those cold pickups we have had. It’s hard to tell with the snow on the ground but, I believe spring is on it’s way! Let’s take a look at what pickup #10 has to offer…its Mozzarella House week!

  • Dairy products from High Lawn Farm
    • Sarah has low fat and chocolate
    • Jess has low fat and cream
  • live microgreens from Johnny Putt Farm in Littleton
  • eggs
  • live lettuce (Sarah only)
  • mushrooms (Jess only)
  • cilantro, C&B Farms
  • parsley, C&B Farms
  • red radish, C&B Farms
  • multi color carrots
  • tomatoes from Backyard Farms (Sarah only)
  • oranges
  • potatoes
  • sweet potatoes
  • onions
  • garlic
  • Springdell Meat
    • Sarah has Pork kabobs
    • Jess has Beef and Pork kabobs
  • Cheese from Mozzarella House
    • Jess and Sarah have Ricotta and Ovoline

Tonight we had Sunday night dinner at Jess’s house but due to the snow storm you will have to wait and see tomorrow what meal she made for us.  You can have a peek at the radish appetizer she made on our CSA365 Facebook page.  I will tell you that the appetizer was delicious and a bit of it was left when we were done!  While you are over there checking it out, give our Facebook page a “like”, that’s would be great!


This is going to be a fun week, I am already imagining in my head all of the goodies I can concoct with fresh local foods.  I’m thinking I’ll get a lasagna going, some chocolate milk chia seeds… the list goes on and on.  Please hop on the site and let us know what you do with all of your goodies!



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