The “Tell” Springdell Spring CSA Pickup #2

  • Bag of spinach
    • Spring Goodies Scramble
    • Salad with Microgreens
    • Salad with Maple Syrup Soaked Unsweetened Dried Cranberries (well, they were unsweetened before I soaked them in maple syrup, anyway)
    • Tons salads 
    • The kids snacked on about half the bag of spinach at the Buck house
  • Bunch of Asparagus
    • With Burrata for a Mother’s Day snack
    • Spring Goodies Scramble
    • Asparagus Salad (thanks to fellow Springdellian Sarah R. for the inspiration)
    • Grilled
    • Roasted and chopped in salads
    • Steamed as a side dish
  • Half and dozen eggs
    • Spring Goodies Scramble
    • Egg cups with tomatoes and scallions
  • Bag of fiddleheads
    • With Burrata for a Mother’s Day snack
    • Roasted and served with Jordan Brother’s Baked Haddock
    • Spring Goodies Scramble
    • Roasted and chilled, added to salads
  • Tomatoes
    • Spring Goodies Scramble
    • Sliced on a lunch grilled cheese
    • Added to egg cups
    • Grilled Cheese

Let’s take a quick spin through Jess’ kitchen:

Hi everyone, Jess here.  Hope you had a great Mother’s Day!  I was fortunate enough to have the day off to spend with my family, and was whisked away to Great Road Kitchen to enjoy some locally sourced brunch items, including many from Springdell, Pine Hurst and Johnny Putt Farms. I even bumped into a famous local news meteorologist there! Good stuff.

Needless to say, I was stuffed by the time we had Sunday Dinner, so I went with a simple snack. Remember the sneak preview of this Burrata with Roasted Spring Veggies and Toasted Olive Oil Baguette from last week?

Burrata is amazing. It’s like a little present, a wrapped up package of Mozzarella goodness and when you open it.

Mozzarella curdles housed in fresh cream.  It just doesn’t get better!

A quick toast of a simple baguette drizzled in olive oil makes a perfect accompaniment for the Burrata. The cream from the broken Burrata would soak into the bread while the curdles of cheese lingered on the surface. Crunchy, crispy, and moist in all the right places!  Enjoy with some freshly ground black pepper!

The top shelf of my fridge, and some asparagus waiting to be enjoyed.

Fellow Springdellian Sarah R reminded me about peeling your asparagus stalks for a yummy salad.  She added olive oil, lemon juice, Parmesan, and salt and pepper to taste (oh, and scallions if you are fortunate enough to have some on hand).

My littlest son, Nan, and I went to the Butterfly Place on Tuesday and enjoyed this salad at our picnic. CSA365 Sarah also has a recipe for asparagus salad if you’re interested, which varies slightly and is also delicious!  Check it out here.

Tuesday I went a little crazy.  Dinner consisted of some chopped ham steak, a bit of sautéed onion, and every ingredient from the CSA list this week all scrambled into a scrumptious mess I dubbed “Spring Goodies Scramble”.  No regrets here.

My Nan really likes the Jordan Brother’s haddock and cod. Before she became so unsteady on her feet, she was an avid deep sea fisherwoman. This simple weeknight dinner reminds her of those fresh catches she’d filet on the boat ride home, and sparks some nostalgic dinner conversation. For this reason, it’s been hard to cook anything but a baked cracker crumb and butter topped filet on Wednesdays lately, though I almost deviated for the Jonah crabmeat this week…  Roasted fiddleheads, mashed sweet potato, and a salad of spinach and Johnny Putt microgreens rounded out the dish.  This was the end of the CSA for the week, just in time for leftovers Thursday (accompanied by a spinach salad with crazy cranberries from the fall) and Make-Your-Own-Pizza Friday!

Now let us teleport over to Sarah’s kitchen:

This was our introduction to the Spring season with a quick grilled meal. Grilled Asparagus, Sweet potatoes, and Springdell steaks.

The next day I had some leftover steak on a salad of chilled fiddle heads, spinach, and pea shoots that I picked up at the farm stand.  

We also enjoyed Springdell beef tips from our meat share with some grilled scallions this week.

The next day I enjoyed some leftover beef tips with some chopped asparagus, fiddle heads, and brown rice. 

It’s salad season so I had a ton of them this week!  This is pea shots, spinach, sliced cucumbers, slivered almonds, tortilla strips, and a bit of shredded cheese.  These spring greens are totally my jam right now!

Our eggs this week went into egg cups for a quick meal on a night we had baseball and soccer practice.  Half of them have diced tomatoes and half have scallions.

I paired them up with some Springdell sausage and yet another salad.  So good!


We look forward to seeing everyone at the Springdell Farm Open House and Sheep Shearing on Saturday at 10am!  Come check our our table and the many others that will be gracing Scratch Flat that day!  It’s always a good time.

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