The “Tell” – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #17

Hi everyone, Jess here. It has been a busy! With lots of running around, most of my veggies were preserved for the week. Read on, however, as there was a culinary adventure at Springdell’s Potluck Dinner!
Look at all these lovely goodies! 

  • Pie Pumpkin 
    • Stored (Awaiting a Pumpkin Pie, as the last one went so fast!)
  • Autumn Gala Apples
  • Celery!
    • Blanched and Frozen for Thanksgiving and the winter (but a Cream of Celery Soup is a great way to enjoy it today!)
  • Hot Pepper Medley
    • Drying for homemade chili powder and crushed red pepper, a couple chopped into my sweet pickled peppers from last week
  • Brussels Sprouts
    • Roasted with Apples and Onion
  • Bell Peppers
    • Still here
  • Rainbow Chard
    • Boiled with Butter and Salt like Nan used to make. But click here for some more exciting options!
  • Butternut Squash
    • Roasted with Sage Browned Butter 
  • Kale

  • Lettuce
    • Simple Salad
    • Lettuce wraps with egg salad
  • Kale
  •  eggs
    • Egg Salad
  • Empire and Cortland Apples
    • Cold Storage
    • Roasted with Brussels Sprouts
    • Pan Fried with Pork Chops

We were only home for a dinner or two this week, so things didn’t get too creative in the kitchen.  


Since the meat share arrived, we enjoyed a lovely pan seared pork chop dinner, complete with apples and onion.

The Brussels sprouts version of this dish would be good as well!

I ended up roasting mine with apples and onion as a side dish.

My celery was blanched and frozen, and I’ll appreciate the flavors come Thanksgiving and winter soup time.


The butternut squash has been delicious with sage butter.  But you can also make fries with this squash!  

Baking potatoes slivered, tossed in a bit of olive oil, sprinkled with salt, and roasted in a single layer at 400 degrees make some delicious low-fat oven fries. I don’t have as much patience to do this with the butternut squash, but when I do, it’s pretty yum.

I was fortunate enough to make it to the potluck dinner at Springdell on Saturday, and spend dinnertime with the driving force behind the farm, Jonathan, Samuel and Clancie. 

They cooked up some traditional Jamaican cuisine to share, and it was truly a wonderful evening hanging out with the Farm Family.

The first dish was Mannish Water, a soup traditionally made with the head of the goat. The gentlemen made the potluck version including the skin of the goat. The hair is first burned off, then the skin is scraped and boiled until tender. Carrots, flour dumplings, noodles and a yellow yam rounded out the earthy, smokey and gamey flavor. 

I read that Mannish Water is considered an aphrodisiac, but this info remains unconfirmed! 

Next, a stewy and incredibly tender goat curry with rice and beans was served as the main course. I went back for seconds, and though I attempted to prod for the recipe, this one remains a secret. Grilled chicken basted with Red Stripe beer was another tasty treat! 

With Jonathan, Samuel and Clancie’s delicious offerings, I almost had no room for the potluck sides! Corn Pie, roasted butternut squash in sage browned butter, kale brownies, baked beans and apple crisp were among the tasty treats.

Samuel took Briar for a pepper run, and Briar was all smiles!  When the gator stopped for a photo, Briar sprung into action, trying to figure out how to get things running again.

It’s hard to believe another season will soon be coming to a close. We’ll miss Jonathan, Samuel and Clancie when they head back to Jamaica in a few weeks, and are most grateful for the precious time they spend with us during the summer months. Thanks to the H2A program, which is celebrating it’s 75th year, for making this farming relationship possible.

See you back here in a few hours for week #18 of the Springdell Show and Tell!


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Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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