Springdell’s Annual Sheep Shearing Event!

Hi everyone, Jess here to share about a wonderful annual event that happened on Saturday. The sheep shearing event is when Kevin Ford, expert hand shearer of sheep, comes to Springdell Farm and gives all the fleecy critters a much needed summer haircut. Farmer Jamie then welcomes everyone in the community to enjoy the farm that day. Many of the farmstand vendors attend the event, and it makes for a great day where you can hear the stories of where your local food and wares are coming from. There was record attendance to this year’s event, let’s take a look!

Sheep Shearing by hand is a fading art, which is unfortunate as the sheep enjoy this method compared to the modern buzzers.
Here’s Jonathan giving a smile and a wave as he packs up the wool.
What better way to celebrate than with a veggie dance party?
There was so much farm fun to be had at the arts and crafts tables.
Tim Van Sipe from Muddy Water Coffee was there to start the day off right.
A new addition to the event was Rangers BBQ of Nashua, NH. The line moved slow and steady as BBQ Pitmaster Doug pulled the pork and sliced the brisket fresh to order.
What better way to wash down BBQ than with a Tower Beverage? These lovingly made sodas and ‘ades are available at the farmstand for individual sale, or if you want to grab a 4 pack. Plus, you can recycle the bottles right back to them!
And for Dessert? Goss Farm Ice Cream is always there to please.
Where does that delicious cream come from? Your friendly farmers over at Tully Farms Dairy, keeping it real since 1872!
An addition to the festival and the farmstand this year was Allie D. with her wonderful hand made Blackstone Soy candles.
Here we have Luella getting her face painted, while the chicken looks on.
Fellow CSA’er and Beautycounter enthusiast Amy K. was sharing samples of charcoal soap made with organic seed oils and extracts. The Beautycounter products prohibit the use of over 1500 harmful and questionable ingredients.
Evelynn Salbone is the farm’s yoga guru, offering sample classes at the sheep shearing, as well as on the farm on select days throughout the year. Her upcoming classes are June 8 and June 22nd at the farm. Check in at the farmstand for details!
Long-time CSA’er and ‘Dell Dollars member Mandy C. was sharing the latest from the Usborne Books Collection. Her next story time at the farm is this Wednesday from 3:45-4:45, and it’s an absolutely wonderful way to spend an afternoon with your kids.
Here’s Clancie helping the kids to learn how easy it is to farm! (Ok, maybe it’s not hard to plant one plant, but think of the thousands of plants our farm family have to plant and tend to! This exercise definitely makes you appreciate the hard work of our farmers.)
The mini “Touch-A-Tractor” allows the kids to see what it’s like in a big piece of farm machinery. Mind the fields with the planted seeds though!
Cornhole, anyone?
Here we have Anna Wirtz from the Buttercup Baker with her delicious handmade baked goods and equine treats.
Returning vendor Shirley B. shares her secrets to a toxic free lifestyle.
Nanette and Michael from Sitting in the Sunshine Soap were back selling their lovely hand crafted goodies. This soap whisks you away better than any Calgon product ever could. (Calgon? Ok now I sound old…)
Here is Gerry from Johnny Putt Farm, sharing his secrets of how he grows his amazingly delicious lettuces and shoots (with a little help from his fishy friends) right in Littleton.
Here’s my table neighbor Laura Sapienza-Grabski, who runs the Mass Association of Agricultural Commissions and is also on the Mass Farm Bureau. These important organizations help keep us moving in the right direction when it comes to sustainable agriculture.
My table was simple this year, but if you’re reading this, you already know the deal!
Thanks, Farmer Jamie, for inviting us to your farm for the day! It really is a special place you’ve got here.

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Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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