The Show and Tell- Springdell Summer Pickup #9

Hi everyone, Jess here. I fell behind more than I have in five years of blogging! It all started when we took off in our camper for the longest camping trip of our summer vacation, and though we took the CSA veggies with us, we didn’t find WiFi in the remote places we camped. This post will be more of a sum-up of the highlights of the past week, and we’ll have a fresh post with the 10th pickup of the season tomorrow! If you’re looking for recipes for particular veggies and coming up short, please feel free to check out the “Veggiescope” on our main CSA365 home page, or drop me a line, I’m always happy to help!

Here is the 9th week Full Share with Superfruit Option Picked up on Sunday instead of our usual Monday pickup day (using the Sunday “Opt-in” vacation option). Because we picked up before the 9th week officially started, our fruits and veggies may vary slightly.

Before I left the house for our adventure, I did a LOT of quick pickling and preserving.
You probably remember the refrigerator pickles, which we’ve been enjoying quite a bit! Sour Cream Cucumbers are another great use of the cuke bounty!
The hot peppers, shredded turnips, garlic, scallion, chives, and last of our summer cabbage went into a green cabbage kimchi.
I used my Krautsource Mason Jar cap to ferment things for a couple of days before transferring to the fridge. This is a handy little device that successfully crowd-funded a few years back, and is now widely available. I love it because it does away with the giant fermentation crocks, allowing you to ferment in small batches.
This is the kimchi 3 days after fermentation, and I can say it’s only gotten better since then! Even though I loaded up on extra hot peppers, the kimchi is not spicy and the flavors are savory.
Finally, here are some of those lovely bells going into a simple pickled-pepper brine.
For those that belong to the CSA Flower Share add-on, the flower garden is open, filled with beautiful choices!
Farmer Jamie’s signature Gladiolas are blooming!
Check out these lovely sunburst zinnias!
This multi-colored flower will bloom through the fall.
Not much cooking happening here (aside from some burgers), but who needs cooking when you’re on vacation and have so many fresh yummy veggies on-hand?
Same table, different meal! Here we are at breakfast (as evidenced by the shadow) still enjoying the melon, milk coffee and maple syrup, eggs, and pancakes courtesy of the farmstand.
The next leg of the trip we were able to enjoy some roasted eggplant. Once roasted to this point, they peel and mash easily, making them great for a smoky eggplant dip. Baba Ganoush is a fave of mine!
Left to right: The eggplant was prepped with scallion, tomatoes, lime juice, and I don’t remember what else. Patty Pan Squashes were cooked up with chorizo sausage. Yesterday’s leftover tomatillo chicken was heated with sautéed peppers, onions, and Fat Moon Mushrooms. Summer corn was de-cobbed and warmed up to join the party. What’s better than camping with friends? Cooking and camping with friends!

Thank you for bearing with my abridged Show-and-Tell this week. I’ll see you back here shortly for the 10th pickup of the Springdell Summer Season!

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Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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