The Springdell Show and Tell- Comfort Food Edition

Hi everyone, Jess here. What a surreal week it’s been! Despite the freeze frame on life as we know it, the farm is still going strong, and the local food chain continues. It was comforting to see the line at the stand this past weekend. The line was longer than usual, but in the fresh air folks were respecting each other’s space, waiting patiently, treating each other with kindness and making the most of it. I’d expect nothing less from my farm family.

Gerry was selling his lettuces donning his usual surgical gloves, and a separate person was handling the cash. He’s taking every precaution to ensure we get the same healthy greens we always do!
Danny had one lonely package of squid left by 11am, so I picked it up and will give calamari a try for our seafood dinner this week.
We’ve been grateful for the vitamin C boost from our most recent CSA crate.
As I reviewed the contents of my chest freezer, I remembered these puppies holding in a state of cryogenic bliss! Butternut squash scones are quite the comfort food.
This was a blurry action shot of my pajama clad son, but he really wants you to know that a pat of Amish Roll Butter makes things even better. If you have any squash or pumpkin puree lingering in the freezer, or perhaps a hardened butternut getting lonely in cold storage, now is a great time to give this one a try!
We went for the Kielbasa Three Ways for dinner this week. The last of the Fox Country Mustard Sauce was delicious with this!
Rohtkol goes wonderfully with kielbasa or sausage, and one cabbage usually makes too much, so thankfully it freezes well, too! I chopped this one pretty coarsely as I was rushing, but I find a fine chop is preferable.
No regrets on buying the last package of Narragansett squid – next time I might buy the first package of squid! They were so delicious with those candied jalapeños made from the summer CSA. (Please note this was my first time cooking squid and I had no idea what I was doing, but there’s a simple recipe that accompanies the package). If you have a favorite squid recipe, we’d love to hear it!
We enjoyed the last couple of heads of bok choy with a simple garlic sauté and oven roasted the pork chops and sweets. I skipped the quick sear on the chops before finishing them in the oven, but I won’t next time, as it really does make a difference.
Here we enjoyed a protein packed dinner with a quick quiche and fresh farm bacon. If you still have some kicking around, quiche with a sweet potato crust is yummy too!
Roasty ‘taters were especially yummy this week!
Remember about March Meat Madness, and do reach out to Farmer Jamie if you’re interested! If you enroll in or renew a meat share, you can receive a sign-on bonus of an extra month of meats (amazing!) If you’re an omnivore, I can’t recommend the meat subscription enough… It’s so comforting to look in the freezer, to see healthy options for dinner, and to know exactly where it all comes from, (not to mention how delicious it’s going to taste!)
A quick reminder to those in the winter CSA- before this Saturday’s 9-5 pickup (the longer pickup will allow for better social distancing), please drop off your crates this week if you can (so they can be disinfected ahead of time). Do not bring your egg cartons and quart boxes back, please recycle them instead. Don’t buy eggs, we have some coming in the CSA! Please keep an eye out in your inbox in case anything changes here!

Lastly, please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s a lowly veggie hanging out somewhere in your house that you’re just not sure how to prepare. Now, more than ever, is the time to let no veggie go unloved. I’ll be happy to share any and all ideas. Stay safe, stay healthy, and love to you all, my dearest farm family!

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Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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