Ingredient: Sorrel

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Lemon Sorrel – Note the arrowhead shape!

Lemon sorrel is another micro-green that’s just about everywhere, and utterly tasty.  I like this stuff more than some of the usual spring mix suspects. It’s lemony non-bitter flavor is a pick me up in any salad, or as it’s own salad! Identify this beauty by the arrowhead-like leaf shape.


More Lemon Sorrel- this patch was amongst the grasses right under Farmer Jamie’s antique tractors, please be careful and courteous if sampling!

There are many more out there but I think to keep this post at a manageable size, we may stop here for this evening…  Now before you run off to forage, be sure to keep in mind the source of your weeds!  Are you picking from an area that is frequented by walking dogs, for example?  If so, you may want to look elsewhere.  My disclaimer is to pick at your own risk, research further, use common sense, and have fun!  If you see me on the farm, please feel free to pull me aside and I’ll grab you a leaf or two of my faves to sample.  As always, thanks for reading!

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