Savory Bacon Salad

Hi everyone, Jess here.  Happy Sunday Dinner!

As the Bucks and the Andersons joined each other in a chat around the dinner table tonight, I was reminded about the power of words, in this particular instance, when it comes to food.  No one really liked the Patagonian Toothfish until the 1970’s when it was renamed Chilean Sea Bass.  Hence, I thought I’d try a little tweaking of the name for tonight’s featured dish as well.  

Purple cabbage is a great, veggie.  It’s aesthetically pleasing, stores well, and is sweet and savory in all the right places.  But let’s face it, cabbage gets a bad rap sometimes. Once considered a staple of the peasant’s diet, it is often depicted in historical films as the veggie that’s getting thrown at the miscreant about to be face a public punishment, or added to a watery gruel to provide sustenance.  What better way to turn this bad rap around than to partner it with bacon and slap a savory name on it?

For ingredients, all you really need are cabbage and bacon!  Onion and garlic are optional, and if usiing, throw them in the pan with the bacon once the fat begins to liquify.  Amounts are also optional, tonight i used 1/2 packet of Springdell bacon and 1/2 a purple cabbage. 

For those that don’t do bacon, you could try to melt some coconut oil in the pan with your onion and garlic in the place of bacon fat.  


After cooking up some bacon, I left the fat in the warm pan and prepped my cabbage by cutting it  into small bite sized chunks..


I let it cook in the pan over medium heat, tossing here and there for about 10 minutes.  I added a little water to the pan (about 1/2 cup) and brought the heat down to a gentle simmer.


This is what the cabbage looked like when it was done. 


Next, I stirred in some bacon crumbles and served it up!  

Onion is a great addition to this, add it while cooking your bacon.  (Sarah is not an onion fan so I left it out tonight).  Garlic also works.  Some people season this dish with a bit of salt and sugar, which I also omitted, keeping it simple tonight.  

imageThis Springdell Sunday Dinner involved bacon (the slices that didn’t go in with the cabbage), mashed potatoes, boneless chuck steak, and our featured cabbage dish.  It was a yummy day to end a busy weekend.

See you tomorrow for the first of many Monday “shows” to come!  Until then, sweet and savory dreams!


About Jess

Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.