Springdell Show and Tell

The Springdell Show and Tell is a year-round blog that highlights the farm produce of Springdell Farm in Littleton, MA.  The blog ran daily for 2015, and weekly for the six years that followed.

IMG_0166.JPGCreated by Jess Anderson and Sarah Buck, 2 year-round shareholders of Springdell Farm, the blog features daily recipes made from items in each CSA share box that Springdell has to offer.  


The “Show” takes place on the day of share box pickup.  Each item is shown on the blog that day.  On the days that follow, a daily recipe or tip is presented that highlights items from that share box.  


Just before the next pickup day, the “Tell” takes place, reviewing the way that each of the items was used over the previous days, and linking to those recipes.

Comments and ideas are always encouraged to be shared on the Show and Tell. For more information, please click here, or contact us anytime!


Springdell Show and Tell’s History

CSA365.org has been fortunate to work with Springdell Farms in Littleton Massachusetts to bring you the Springdell Show and Tell.  Jess Anderson, a longtime CSA member and the founder of CSA365, approached her friend Sarah Buck with an idea to write a 365 day a year recipe blog highlighting CSA ingredients.  Sarah, a trained french chef said “let’s do this” and they teamed up with 5th generation farmer Jamie Cruz from Springdell Farm in Littleton.  The Springdell Show and Tell was officially born on January 1st, 2015.  As part of the Springdell Show and Tell blog, Jess and Sarah “Show” the different CSA options that Springdell has to offer in real-time as they receive their CSA boxes.  

Throughout the week they share daily recipes and tips related to the items in their CSA box.  At the end of every week, Jess and Sarah again review the contents of the box, with a “Tell” of where and how each item was used or stored.   Hence, the name Springdell Show and Tell.  This daily recipe blog went for a full 365 consecutive days in 2015 with plans to continue on with the help of our fellow locavores.  Our motto at the Springdell Show and Tell is “let no veggie go unloved”, and working together, we hold this vision for our family and for yours.  Please browse the website to review our more than 365 recipes from 2015 and to see new recipes as they come in. Subscribe to our email list to receive new seasonal recipes via a “monthly digest”, or join in the fun by sharing your own recipes with us! We hope you enjoy the Springdell Show and Tell as much as we enjoy sharing it!       

UPDATE:  After several successful seasons of the Springdell Show and Tell, Sarah has since moved south. She continues to CSA in her new town, and checks in with us from time to time. Jess continues to blog about her culinary adventures with Springdell and beyond. If you’re reading this, here’s a warm welcome to the site! Please feel free to check in anytime with questions, or ideas of your own!