The “Tell” – Winter Share Pickup #5 2

We are excited to be sharing our first “tell” with you!  As a review for those who are just joining us, this is the part of the Springdell Show and Tell where we break down the items that were in our share box, and review where they were all used.

Let’s take a look at what came of the items in our 5th Springdell Winter Share box:

All scraps were composted unless otherwise noted.


image187You’ll notice that some of the recipes mentioned may have no links yet, this is because they have yet to be featured on the blog.  Our goal is to get a daily recipe or tip up here every day for a whole year and, hence we have to pace ourselves a bit.  We plan to link retroactively as recipes and tips are posted, making this blog useful for Springdellians in the years to come.  To make this blog as interactive and user-friendly as possible, we would love to hear what came of your Winter Share boxes as well!

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