Smothered Hamburgers 2

The onions are starting to take over the counter!  That must mean it’s time to caramelize them for smothered hamburgers.  Basically we make hamburgers from Springdell ground beef and smother them with shredded cheese, of course, and what ever other Springdell goodies we have around. 

Tonight I started by caramelizing some onions (these are only part way done as you can see).


I sliced some sweet potatoes, sautéed them in a pan, then transferred to a foil lined baking sheet and into a 400 degree oven until tender.



Fresh tomatoes are sliced up and ready to go on top of a simple arugula salad.


Then the bok choy got sliced and sautéed quickly in a pan, just to wilt.


 I put together my hamburgers with a simple, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, and Ben’s maple sugar for a touch of sweetness. 


All said and done these were delicious and it was a totally Springdell night at the Buck house.  Hope you are all having a great weekend, just ignore the weather!  Enjoy! 

About Sarah

Sarah is a trained chef and owner of Whisk Baked Goods. She lives in Chelmsford with her husband and two active boys. Sarah is passionate about food, loves eating local, and cooking gluten free foods.

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2 thoughts on “Smothered Hamburgers

  • Ann Burbank

    All looks yummy! Sarah, I have a question about cooking sweet potatoes. Have you found a way to get them crispy on the outside without deep frying them? Thanks for the blog…love it!!