The “Show” – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #1

Hello to our Fellow Springdellians!

Today we embark on a new leg of our culinary journey as we pick up our first CSA share boxes of the of the summer season.  Some of you have been reading along since we started our daily blog posts at CSA365 on January 1st.  It’s hard to believe that this was 168 days (and 168 posts) ago!  

For those of you just joining us, we look forward to sharing our ideas with you, as well as hearing yours!  Please feel free to post your meals and ideas in the comments as well!  The great thing about the blog setup is that it creates a search index for us all to refer to!  (Facebook is great, but many of the recipes often get lost in the scrolling).  If you like to post your recipe ideas on Facebook, we ask that you consider posting a link in the comments here as well.  The more interactive, the better for all of us!

To recap, here’s what we’ll be showing and telling this season:

  • Summer CSA Veggie Share – (Jess has a full share, Sarah has a small share)
  • Egg Share- (Jess has a half share, Sarah has a full share)
  • Fresh Cut Flower Share
  • Super Greens Share
  • Super Fruit Share
  • Springdell Meat Subscription (Jess has a bi-monthly small meat subscription)

We’ll also be sharing on other goodies available at the farmstand, such as the yummy dairy products, grains, cheeses, poultry harvests, and so on.  There is so much to enjoy, and so many ways to enjoy it.

As you know the first few pick-ups of the season are small.  Most of the crops are still growing in the fields.  Trust us when we tell you this will pick up quickly.  You will be taking on the amazing challenge of how to eat, can, freeze etc.  every piece of these beautiful summer treats.  

Without further delay, on with the show!  

Take a look at what Sarah brough home to her family:

imageThe above is a small share:  two quarts of strawberries, heirloom lettuce, and Crimson rhubarb!


A beautiful egg share

imageThe super fruit add on this week is an extra quart of strawberries.


The super greens add on this week is a bag of mixed salad greens and one bunch of Kale.

One last quick reminder to remember your share number!  Each week you will pick up your prepacked box and return your number to the basket.



 Thanks everyone and have a great night.  See you all back here tomorrow to share some great food together.


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