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Hello everyone!  Jess here on behalf of Jess and Sarah ready to share about how we used the contents of our first CSA share box in the Springdell Show and Tell.  As you’ll see, Sarah’s been quite busy this week filling orders for her bakery, so we’ll see where her bounty is used in the coming “Tell”.  In the meantime, you’ll get to see how I used my share for Thanksgiving and for today’s “Fakesgiving” (when I host my family for Thanksgiving).  


This week in Veggie-Scope we updated:

Before I share the craziness in my kitchen this week, let’s take a jaunt over to Sarah’s kitchen to see what she’s been up to: 

OK, I didn’t cook much at all this week.  Running Whisk Baked Goods I had a super busy week making dozens and dozens and dozens of pies and cookies.


I basically survived on smoothies all week.  The good news to this is that I have a fridge still full of my Thanksgiving goodies from Springdell, plus our pickup tomorrow!  I will be a cooking machine this coming week to get caught up with all of this produce.  Let no veggie go unloved!!  So I leave you with a smoothie photo, since that was my sustenance this week, and hopes that Jess had more time in her kitchen this week!


This is a mango, milk, coconut oil, banana, and celery leaf smoothie. So delicious that I had it more than once this week.  A great way to use up parts of your celery that don’t get as much love.

Back to Jess’ Kitchen for the Fakesgiving menu and many of the dishes leading up to today’s big meal!


Here’s last week’s Chicken Pot Pie with it’s top crust on, I’m sure we’ll be making a Turkey Pot Pie with some of this week’s yummy turkey leftovers!


Here were the Red Kuri Squash Steaks and Eggs from Sunday Dinner, one of my squash faves.


Some cider braised brussels sprouts with springdell Bacon Bits made a scrumptious weekday meal!


It was hard to believe that this celery potato soup had no cream in it, it was quite rich for a soup that could be considered “diet”!  I think it’s especially great with a homemade stock, as the stock flavor really shines through.


Fellow Springdellian Dawn DeMeo turned me on to this way of steaming hard cooked eggs, making the yolks so creamy and moist.  My kids have an aversion to the chalky yolk of a traditional hard cooked egg, and this has made all the difference in getting them to enjoy the whole egg!


Some lettuce wraps with bean sprouts, lettuce, tofu and bean thread made a nice snack with that lettuce earlier on in the week.  Some of the lettuce went into the boys’ tacos as they are not fans of these rolls yet.  


This Butternut Squash Crown Roast from Cooking Light was brought to my attention by fellow Springdellian Pam H.  It was a fun lunch option for Thanksgiving Day!


We had dessert at the in-laws, so I brought a hubbard squash pie, made similarly to Pumpkin Pie.  


Between the pumpkin, hubbard, and cinnamon apple crumble pies, I’ve lost count of how many pies I’ve made this week!  


I hope no one minds that I held off an extra day to publish our “Tell”. I just wanted to share the final product of today’s Fakesgiving meal. Here are the menu items we enjoyed!


Cranberry and Brie Puff Pastry Bites.  Simple, elegant, delicious!


Our delicious farm fresh turkey, picked up Wednesday from the Springdell Farmstand. It spent Friday in some brine, and went in the stove early this morning. It was stuffed with herbs from the pick-your-own herb garden, a bulb of garlic and 2 lemons. I’ve lost track of how many years I’ve ordered a turkey through Springdell. If you haven’t tried it ordering one of these turkeys, I can not recommend it enough!  I love the little note of thanks that comes with each turkey. I want to send thanks to the farmers that made this possible as for Turkey #35 to be joining us this afternoon. At 23 pounds, this great bird will be enjoyed over the course of many meals.


Delicata Squash Streusel made short work of the small pile that I received from the CSA pickup last week.  


The Sweet Potato Peanut Stew was a lovely and hearty soup served up in the roasted cameo squash tureen.  Baking the squash before serving allows a few little chunks of the cameo squash to get into the soup as well. It’s better than clam chowder in a bread bowl!


Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes are a lovely Fakesgiving staple.  Of course, it’s not complete without a big hunk of Amish Roll Butter!


Here we have fresh cranberry sauce. I made this two days ago, giving the flavors time to develop.


As my sole remaining butternut squash went into the Butternut Squash Crown Roast earlier in the week, I made a four squash puree with Ben’s Maple Syrup and more Amish Roll Butter.  


Stuffing along with onions, celery, and mushrooms from this week’s share completed the meal.  With fresh veggie and herb infused giblet gravy, I think this is my favorite part.


There you have our 2016 Fakesgiving Meal!  I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! See you later tonight for our second Winter CSA pickup of the Springdell Show and Tell!


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2 thoughts on “The “Tell” – Springdell Winter CSA pickup #1

  • Saori Kanayama

    Wow!! Wow!! This is PERFECT THANKS GIVING DINNER!!! 

    We Japanese do not have a custom to celebrate Thanks Giving Day so I have never cooked turkey or any recipe like these ones. But looking at the pictures, I would like to taste them. The Sweet Potato Peanut Stew looks soooooooo yummy.

    • Jess

      Thanks Saori! I must say the Sweet Potato Peanut Stew was a hit this year! It was a welcome change to our traditional butternut squash soup. Serving it inside the squash is always a cool visual effect for the dinner table. I’m looking forward to trying a sweet potato and black bean version this week, I’ll be sure to post how it comes out. Happy Holidays to you and yours!