The “Tell” – Springdell Winter CSA Pickup #6

Hello to our fellow Springdellians and beyond! It’s been a good three weeks since our last CSA pickup and as usual, we’ve been cooking up a storm! We have lots of ideas to share so let’s get right to it!  

Let’s take a peek into Jess’ kitchen!  

Served on a bed of bok choy sautéed with lemon garlic and ginger, this pan seared cod from the Jordan Brothers stand was a light and refreshing dinner!

I also got some minced clams from Jordan Brothers and whipped up a New England Clam Chowder for my Nan, who’s in the rehab nursing a broken wrist at the moment.  I thought she’d appreciate my use of her recipe.  I replaced the salt pork with bacon ends, and all was well!

Whole wheat penne sautéed with goat cheese and fresh chopped tomatoes! This was a lovely Meatless Monday dinner!

Or, pop it on a hearty bread and grill it up!  Tomatoes and goat cheese are a great combo!

The lamb burgers stuffed with goat cheese were a hit with my other half.  The kids did hamburger sliders as they were a bit off put by the onion in the lamb.  No problem, more for the big kids!  The bok choy salad, brought to our attention by fellow Springdellian Sarah R, was a lovely accompaniment to several meals throughout the week. I could eat a whole pan of this salad in one sitting.  

We had a date night at Great Road Kitchen (where I enjoyed some Springdell Blue Potatoes with my seafood) and a few parties with friends over the weekend so no dinner at home for a few days. On Superbowl Sunday, we had our usual Make Your Own Pizza party.  For dessert, Hubbard and Acorn Squash Pie with freshly whipped cream.  When I say “freshly whipped cream”, I mean it!  Check this out!

Instead of dirtying another dish, I put some maple syrup and vanilla right into the heavy cream bottle and shook it up until I had whipped cream.  Next, I cut open the bottle and served the whipped cream right out of the container!  

I had to rush to get a shot of this pan seared Springdell pork chop from the Meat Subscription.  You can see a hungry customer with his knife in waiting, I didn’t even get a chance to get the sides on the plate!  

Sweet Potatoes happened in several different forms this week (recipes coming Monday!) Here they are mashed with a maple balsamic glaze and cranberry orange goat cheese.  

Here are some caramelized onion, goat cheese, and sweet potato rounds with more glaze.  Addictive stuff!

This is the kid’s plate, a little less pizazz, but that still works!  

This is a French Meat Pie Calzone, complete with fresh farm ingredients including onion, potato, ground beef, pork, and cheese.  This is an adaptation from a French Meat Pie recipe of my Nan’s, but I basically went with calzone because that was the type of dough I had on hand.  

A freshly thawed summer tomato sauce was great for dipping the meat pie!  

Mashed potatoes with Amish Roll Butter and Chive Goat Cheese.  Good stuff!

I had to snap a pic quickly so that my little one could get back to back to chomping.  Cranberry herb goat cheese, pecans and maple cream top this oatmeal bread.  

This was from the beginning of the pickup when the bean sprouts were fresh and crisp.  A messy omelette with an Edam cheese afterthought, it hit the spot!  If you have the time and the spouts, Egg Foo Yummy is the way to go!  

Here’s an adaptation of Egg Roll in A Bowl, a mashup between this recipe from Mostly Homemade Mom and this recipe from Big Taste Trim Waist.  I used Springdell Hot Italian Sausage, rainbow carrots and purple cabbage. Special thanks to fellow Springdellians Andrea P. and Marian H. for reminding me to try this one! Yummy!

Here’s a look into Sarah’s kitchen:

Taco night included beets, tomatoes, and bean sprouts from the share!

I cannot get enough of this quick breakfast. A simple toast with peanut butter and maple cream from a previous share. Love It!

I just wanted to share the platter I made for my sisters birthday celebration. I wanted to show how the beet hummus in the center really adds a pop of color and excitement to the platter.

Baked potatoes, roasted beets, and Springdell Cube steaks. A total Springdell meal!

Quick pic of the quesadilla before it was melted up. Springdell sausage and chive goat cheese included!


After….a quick tomato sauce and when you add some ground lamb and pasta to this. Oh My!

An awesome sweet treat, air popped popcorn with maple sugar!

French toast with Springdell eggs, Amish roll butter and Ben’s Maple syrup, perfect way to start a weekend!

I have been using Bok Choy leaves in my smoothies and the stems with some chive butter from the summertime. It has become a veggie my kids ask me for! yay!

Here are some Springdell Country Style Ribs from the meat share going in for a braise with a Springdell onion.

Phew, that’s a lot of CSA goodness!  If you’re still with us, we invite you to check out a couple of events.  One is the third annual CSA Sign up Day, a national event. Click here to learn more! Secondly, we’re planning a canning swap for Saturday, September 30th at Springdell, and if you’ve never canned, no worries, we’ll be doing a series on canning over the year, so that you’ll have lots of opportunity to join us at the swap with some goodies of your own. As we plan the event, we are welcoming other ideas to consider for that evening, such as cocktails to sip, little bites, trivia, raffles, etc. Let us know your thoughts as always!  

We look forward to checking in with you tomorrow for the unveiling of our 7th share box of the Winter CSA season.  Thanks for joining us and have a great evening!

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