Ingredient: Cod

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White fish filets (such as cod) on a weeknight are as easy as one…



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Recipes Using Cod

Eggroll In a Bowl

Not sure what to do with that cabbage? Eggroll in a Bowl is a quick and flexible weeknight option, and when I say flexible, I mean FLEXIBLE! You can make this paleo, gluten free, vegetarian…. So grab your cabbage, carrots, and protein of your choosing, and the rest is up to you and your imagination. It’s also a healthy (and dare I say tastier) alternative to the deep fried crunchy version from your favorite takeout joint, so pull up some ingredients and make it your own!

Healthier Fish Sticks

Got picky eaters that somehow enjoy supermarket fish sticks better than baked fish fresh from the sea? Perhaps give this one a try! It’s baked, local and light years healthier than the processed minced fish you’ll find in the frozen food section. You can use haddock or cod in this one.

Pan Seared Cod with Basil Sauce

This dish from Cooking Light is a favorite around these parts during basil season. The use of stock in the sauce is a good one, especially since we always have so much available in the freezer!