The “Tell” – Springdell Spring CSA Pickup #3

Hello everyone! Jess and Sarah here after an exhausting week! We have lots to talk about so let’s get right to it!

We had a couple of different things as the share boxes differed slightly, which can often happen early in a season as there aren’t enough of each item to fill each share box identically (if you want that, you’d have to hit the supermarket!) The beauty of it is, the boxes can often vary slightly, but always even out in the end.  

Let’s hop into Jess’ Kitchen!

This was my exciting recipe this week, and asparagus chive and potato cake. A springform pan helped make short work of this one.  I was pleasantly surprised when it came out not only aesthetically pleasing, but tasty as well!  

The concept is flexible as far as the ingredients go, but the combo of sweet potato and potato with the chivey spinach dip works great together!  

The tender unused stems (from just below the asparagus tips) made a great side to a baked Jordan Brother’s haddock, while the not-so-tender unused stems went into the freezer for a veggie stock.  

As we get ready for the summer season, the bottom layer of the chest freezer is being scooped out.  I found a Springdell steak which I partially thawed and sliced thinly (always easier to slice a steak thin when it’s partially frozen) and tossed in a Gochujang and sesame oil mix.  I also found a last bag of peas from the previous season, and the final bag of summer corn.  A jasmine rice housed the bounty, along with some wilted spinach. This is totally comfort food in the Anderson household.

That meaty lettuce from the spring share, a tomato from the Island of Misfit Produce at the farm stand, and a package of fabulous Springdell bacon- it’s time for the BLT trifecta!  

Yesterday, we spent the day at the the Springdell Annual Open House and Sheep Shearing!  It was a fun day, very well attended, and the weather was beautiful! It was so wonderful to meet so many of you there!  

Kevin Ford came to the farm and got right to work shearing the sheep with the hand shears in a way only a true artisan can.  

Tully Dairy Farm from Dunstable had some milk and samples.

Tully Dairy Farm has recently opened a store at Goss Farm, also in Dunstable.  

These fine folks from Goss Farm were had some delicious ice creams available today at the event.  Their root beer float truly hit the spot!

The Mass Farm Bureau was there with their non-profit mission to support farmers across the commonwealth. Check out their legislative corner to see what they are up to, and how you can help!

Tim Van Sipe’s passion for coffee can be tasted in every cup of Muddy Water. Based out of Acton, Tim’s Muddy Water Coffee is going strong. One taste it and you’ll know why! Though I switched to decaf years ago, I am completely hooked on Tim’s Buzzkill Decaf.  Try him out and know your roaster!

There is soap, and there is “Sitting in the Sunshine” Soap! Today I had the good fortune of spending the day next to Nanette and Michael, partners of Sitting in the Sunshine Soap out of Groton. The tantalizing scents graced my nostrils throughout the day. This is high quality soap that is not only pleasing to the sinuses, but pleasing to the eye. Using my new bar tonight made me feel like I was at the spa.  It’s really something special, and it’s local, which we love!  

Cestari Kitchen made an appearance today.  Their kitchen products are backed with a lifetime warranty, which is a bonus when it comes to kitchen items!  I have enjoyed working with their peeler, which allows you to swap the blade around in case you need a pushing versus pulling style of peel.

Carpe Bee’m-Westford has a wonderful mission, and loves their honeybees like their own children.  Their bee pollen and award winning local honey is fabulous.

Gerry over at Johnny Putt Farm in Littleton has an amazing growing operation in which he manages to grow the tastiest of greens.  We’ll be working with some of his latest microgreens in the upcoming weeks.  Stop by his website to read the fascinating story of Johnny Putt!

My little ones must have taken about 400 rides in the Goss Farm cow train.  It was quite adorable.

I’m looking forward to seeing who won the cow patty bingo!  

Finally after entering all of the new Facebook “likes”, comments, newsletter subscriptions, and names of those that greeted us at our table, the results of our raffle are in!  congrats to Sheri L. who won this fabulous dip chiller! 

Another hearty congrats goes out to Amy C. who won the basket of gardening goodies and a pound of Muddy Waters scrumptious Sumatra coffee!  Thanks to everyone who participated in person and online in our raffle, and we look forward to cyber cooking together in the season to come.  

See you back here for our “Show” of the Springdell Show and Tell tomorrow!  Until then, enjoy your day!  


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Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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