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We interrupt this regularly scheduled Springdell Show and Tell with some big news!  It is bittersweetly that I share the tale of my counterpart on this site, Sarah Buck. Sarah is making a big move out of state and will be headed to Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Not only have I loved blogging with her these past ten seasons about our CSA cooking capers and our Sunday Dinner rituals, but she’s been an incredible friend for much longer than that! I’ll miss Sarah dearly, but something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve heard from her, as she’s already found a great CSA in her new town! I haven’t changed her login credentials in hopes that she’ll check in once in a while with what’s cooking in her new kitchen.

Thank you, Sarah for sharing in the vision of helping others embrace the CSA lifestyle and to “let no veggie go unloved.” Big love to you, my dear friend.  

Meanwhile, what does this mean for the blog?  No worries as I’ll still be blogging away, but more than ever I’ll be counting on you, my farm family! Please share any great recipes and ideas that you try, so that together we can keep the new ideas flowing! After all, 200 kitchens cooking up CSA meals are better than one! I’ll be checking the Springdell CSA Facebook page and adding the successful dishes to Veggiescope, and feel free to submit them on the website, or on the CSA365 Facebook page as well.  

I’m looking forward to a lovely summer season. Let’s make it great! 

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Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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3 thoughts on “Best of Luck, Sarah!

  • Kathleen Spaeth

    Oh I am sad, but happy, to hear that Sarah is leaving us (and Massachusetts) to move to Pennsylvania Dutch Country. You will be sorely missed! You must go check out the Fresh Mushrooms, Pennsylvania, is famous for. We used to live on the Main Line, in Bryn Mawr and Villanova, and we loved visiting PA’s Dutch Country. Go visit Longwood Gardens. You are only 1 1/2 hours from (our beloved) Ocean City (New Jersey), so you must go to the Jersey Shore.

  • Betsy Bohling

    Sarah – will miss your posts. I enjoyed you sharing your knowledge of food and cooking – it really does add a wonderful dimension to the CSA experience. Hopefully you can be an “Occasional Contributor” going forward. 🙂 Jess – so glad you’re continuing with the blog!! The encouragement (and practical how-to) to “let no veggie go unloved” makes a difference.

  • Paulita Alinskas

    I have never met either of you personally, but I feel like I get emails and CSA suggestions from my friends. I love the blog and your site is a go to when in search of recipes. Good luck to you and your family, Sarah. How wonderful to have a new adventure, new places to explore and PA Dutch Country is beautiful.