The “Show” – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #1

Hello everyone, Jess here. Guess what? It’s Summer CSA time! The fields are waking up and producing wonderful things!

Here’s what I picked up from Springdell today:

  • More Strawberries!

At the farmstand, I picked up a roll of Amish Roll Butter, and some Chive and Wasabi Goat Cheese from Westfield Farm in Hubbardston, MA. (I love the chive goat cheese, but I’ve never tried the wasabi, so I’m eager to try it!) 

I thought I’d talk about radishes real quick, as it sometimes is a tough item if you’re not a fan. As soon as I get them home, I separate the greens from the radish itself. I wash the radishes and place them in a bowl of water in the fridge. This keeps them crisp and can reduce some of the bite that is off-putting to some. 

When you have this bowl visible in the fridge with some ranch dressing or fresh ricotta or goat cheese nearby, it can be tough not to grab and dip one on the go!  

When the radishes are this small and tender, the radish greens are great to wilt and enjoy!  Snip the stems short if you’d like (they can be a little chewy) but the leaves themselves are quite tender.

Toss them in some melted butter and sauté until wilted, add salt and pepper to taste and you have an unexpected little snack!  (I stirred a little goat cheese into mine, just because, well, goat cheese.)

While the greens are nice and fresh, I see a strawberry salad in my immediate future, and probably some lettuce wraps.  We’ll see where the wind blows me in the kitchen tonight. What will you be cooking up? Feel free to share on the Facebook page or in the comments, and thanks! 


About Jess

Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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