The “Tell” – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #3

Hi everyone, Jess here, freshly back from a little vacation to Pennsylvania, New Jersey and NYC. This is the one pickup of the year where I wasn’t around to pick up. I was originally planning to do the Sunday opt-in (picking up my share when I returned), but I instead decided to pass it along to my family (This allowed us to try New York Bagels, Hershey Sundaes, New York Pizza, Cactus Tacos, Vegan Baked Falafel Wraps, Crepes, New York Hot Dogs, Duck Donuts, Cheese Curds, etc…)

Ma kept things nice and simple this week (and really, when working with fresh and wonderful ingredients, why complicate things?), here’s her shrimp scampi in progress.

Here’s the final product!  Looks delicious, Ma!

Ma had an encore performance with the summer squash, zucchini and garlic scapes, it’s a great combo!

I was grateful that many of you answered the call to share successful recipes this week!  Fellow Springdellian Maryellen turned this recipe for basic risotto into a summer veggie dream dish. I’ll hopefully pop it up on the Veggiescope tonight, thanks so much, Maryellen!

Fellow Springdellian Mary H. shared a photo of her summer squash and zucchini pie.  This combo is a favorite ’round these parts! Try making it using crescent rolls in place of the traditional crust!

Fellow Springdellian Lisa K. shared her method for camping and CSA’ing on the go. It’s great if you can prep your ingredients ahead of time, making vacation more of a vacation! These potato salads look scrumptious.  Thanks for sharing, Lisa!  For all of you out there that make delicious dishes, please feel free to send me a photo and recipe/link, and I’ll add them to the Veggiescope, as 200 kitchens are much better than one!

After a week of complete take-out indulgence, I was beginning to yearn for my regularly scheduled CSA program. I was able to visit one Farmer’s Markets in Jersey City and so grateful to see this style of fresh local eating making it’s way through the land. 

That’s about it for this past week.  Looking forward to sharing the “Show” of the Springdell Show and Tell, please stay tuned!

About Jess

Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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