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Photo by Jamie Cruz

  • Description –

Some of you may not be familiar with fiddleheads.  They are actually a fern that hasn’t unfurled yet for the season. They are a vibrant green in color and are coiled up into a circle.  I find they taste similar to asparagus.  Fiddleheads are definitely a sign on Spring!


  • Preparation –

Fiddleheads need to be cooked and many cooking methods work with these little guys: boiling, steaming or sauteing (after a quick safety boil/steam for good measure) are my favorite. 

  • Storage –

Fiddlehead Ferns are delicate and will quickly become unusable so it is recommended to eat them up as soon as possible.  Be sure to store them in a plastic bag in the fridge if you are storing them for short periods of time.


  • Nutrition – 

Fiddleheads nutritional value is great!  They are full of fiber and high in iron, contain vitamins A and C as well as being a good source of Omega 3 and 6.  


imageFiddleheads are pleasing to the eye.  This is a sculpture of a fiddlehead at the Saint John Arts Centre in New Brunswick, Canada by a sculptor named Jim Boyd.  Who knew?

Recipes Using Fiddleheads

Spring Veggie Pizza

Grab a ball of pizza dough and get ready for deliciousness! This pizza skips the tomato sauce and with the freshly ground sausage, mozzarella and spring veggies, you won’t miss it! When the dark green of the spring veggies is in your kitchen, you need to try this one!

Sunday Dinner – Burrata with Roasted Spring Veggies

Burrata is a great centerpiece appetizer It’s unusual texture just screams “spread me on a crispy baguette please”. Toss roasted veggies of your choice on top with some freshly ground black pepper or finely chopped fresh herbs of your choice, and WOW!

Spring Veggie Quiche

Prepare a pie crust, fill it with springtime goodness, and you’re off to the races with this flexible recipe. Mozzarella House cheeses go great with the springtime veggies in this dish, not to mention the cheese and garlic sausage.