Ingredient: Bread

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Nashoba Brook Bakery was serving up it’s wonderfully hearty and delicious breads on the field.  The story of their bakery is another that has started from friendship (John and Stu) an idea, and a whole lot of passion for food (namely bread).  Since 1998 they have been bringing fresh bread to our neighborhood and beyond. I’ve been the only one of us on the blog to be able to cook with it (due to Sarah running the gluten-free household) but it really makes the meal! Recently we enjoyed Bruschetta and French Toast made with their fabulous baguette.

Recipes Using Bread

Farmer Jamie’s Nog Toast

Here’s another one from Farmer Jamie, great especially for those that aren’d big fans of nog in beverage form.  Thick cut white bread is Jamie’s pick for the best textured bread for this one. Try this one today, and let us know what you think!

Sunday Dinner – Burrata with Roasted Spring Veggies

Burrata is a great centerpiece appetizer It’s unusual texture just screams “spread me on a crispy baguette please”. Toss roasted veggies of your choice on top with some freshly ground black pepper or finely chopped fresh herbs of your choice, and WOW!

Easy Winter Holiday Brunch

This is the Anderson family holiday morning brunch. This is a start-to-finish brunch (including timing and a shopping list) that will give you plenty of time to watch the yule log with your family. It makes enough for 12 folks, and if you don’t have that many, it makes great leftovers!