Ingredient: Goat

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A good cut of goat has pink meat, not easily confusable with beef, but not as pale as a pork chop. The cuts you’ll find at Springdell are spring goats, which are what you want when shopping around for goat meat. (Have you heard the term “old goat?” well, it’s true that you don’t want to eat one. That’s when you get into tough and gamy meat.)

Recipes Using Goat

Slow Cooker Goat Curry

I borrowed from two versions of goat curry here. The first is a slow cooker paleo and (potentially) gluten-free version by Ashley of My Heart Beets. The second is a more down-and-dirty version from Cassie Simmonds at the Hawaiian Irie Jerk Restauraunt in Honolulu. Whatever flavors you ultimately go with to make this dish, slow and low is the way to a tender and succulent product. Some different spices are needed so be sure to check the staples list to make sure you have what you need.