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  • Description

Garlic grows in a bulb containing many separate cloves.  The cloves are covered in a paper thin skin that is removed and discarded before use.

  • Preparation

Garlic can be used both cooked and raw.  It can be roasted or sauteed.  If there is a green sprout in the center of your garlic clove, simply remove it and continue.

Garlic has a very strong odor due to sulfur compounds, but that is what makes it so good for us.  Eating garlic with fresh parsley may reduce any mouth odor, or better yet, share garlic with the people around you and it won’t matter!  A tip for removing the garlic smell from hands or cutting boards is a fresh lemon.  Simply cut a lemon in half and rub it all over the area, then wash with soap and water as usual. 

A fun and helpful tool to use in the kitchen is a garlic press, worth the investment, in our opinion.

  • Varieties

There are many varieties of garlic, the most popular are white garlic, pink garlic, and giant or elephant garlic.

  • Storage

Garlic stores very well and likes the dark.  It will remain plump on your counter top for a couple of months, but if you place it in the refrigerator it will keep for up to 7 months! (Jess keeps her bulbs in a cool dark area in news paper, unless it’s the summer garlic with long stems, in which case the stems are loosely braided and the garlic hung by the stems in the pantry closet. Bulbs are then snipped off as needed.) 

  • Nutrition

Vitamin C, selenium, potassium, and calcium

Garlic has been valued as a health protector for thousands of years, and for good reason!  Modern medicine has shown that garlic has a powerful effect at boosting the immune system, aids in cardiovascular health, and fighting cancer.


 How to Roast Garlic Heads- Originally posted by Sarah – January 20, 2015

Cook it slowly til it’s brown and sweet…..

That’s right my Springdell friends, today we caramelize.  Cut the whole head of garlic and make sure each clove is exposed, take off most of the papery outside at this time.


Drizzle led the garlic with olive oil and wrap that sucker up.  

imagePut the wrapped garlic into a preheated 400 degree oven for about 40 minutes. 

imageThis is a little piece of heaven.  You literally squeeze the garlic out and put it in just about anything.  I have made roasted garlic dips,in even added it into the chili I made Sunday night.

Spring Garlic is a different beast from the garlic above. These are the smaller garlic bulbs thinned out of the farmer’s row to make room for the hardiest bulbs to grow larger.  

Spring garlic, is incredibly sweet and tender it is compared to the larger bulbs that come later. Don’t get me wrong, mature garlic bulbs are amazing as well, but there’s something about the taste of spring garlic that is not easily duplicated, hence when they come along I’ll preserve what I can.
I start by cleaning the garlic and separating the whites and light greens from the darker tougher parts. The stalks up top will end up flavoring stocks and soups, while the chopped bits on the bottom will be used in place of minced garlic or scallions.
These will be frozen in a single layer on parchment before being placed into a container back in the freezer. This keeps them from sticking together when the time comes to spoon a few out. Use these interchangeably with chives, chive flowers, and scallions.

Recipes Using Garlic

Butternut Squash Risotto

Submitted by fellow Springdellian Kathleen Spaeth, this scrumptious dish can work as a side or a main, depending on how you want to dress it up. Be sure to read through and prep your ingredients before beginning, as it’s one that needs a bit of well-spent attention during the cooking process. Enjoy!

Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta is a dish that involves grilled and mashed eggplant with yummy spices. You can choose the spice level that works for you by varying the amount of hot peppers used, and whether or not you choose to include the seeds. If you’re short on time, grill the eggplant ahead of time and store it in the fridge until you’re ready to cook up the rest of the dish. If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, I found this dish is even more delicious the next day. Thanks to NYT Cooking for this adaptation, who adapted it from chef Julie Sahni!

Cabbage Roll Casserole

Nan’s famous cabbage roll recipe with a few tweaks for modern day convenience. Adapted from the “Taste of Home” magazine, this one fuses lasagna with galumpkis in a satisfying way! The non-cabbage lovers in my household can’t resist it… A can of Campbells tomato soup is one of Nan’s secret ingredients, and doesn’t live on the “Staples” list in Veggiescope so you’ll have to make a trip to the grocery store, but I’m willing to bet it’s good without it, too.

Winter Root Vegetable Chili

A great comfort food to get you through the winter doldrums (or a depressing Superbowl). This is a very flexible recipe.  Turnips, small diced sweet potatoes, and carrots would also work as your primary veggies.  Substitute the beef for ground pork, chicken, goat (chorizo!), turkey or tofu (though I’d recommend adding the latter about 30 minutes from the end of cook time).  As always, make it your own!

Butternut Squash and Black Bean Deliciousness

This is a very flexible recipe, wonderful with charred poblanos or jalapeños, add some ground beef for an even heartier version. Tomatillos also work, but can be left out as well. With the base of the squash and the black bean, the rest is pretty negotiable depending on what you have on-hand to work with. Make it your own and enjoy!

Farmer Jamie’s Tomato Pie

Got tomatoes? This one is great for that influx of ripe heirlooms! A homemade or store bought pie crust will be needed, but the rest is simply simple. You’ll need some time (a few hours) to allow the tomato slices to lose their liquid, so plan for some prep in the morning and things should be ready for baking by dinner time.

Sautéed Corn with Black Beans and Red Bell Pepper

This one was shared by fellow Springdellian Dawn DeMeo a great one to use up the last of the seasonal corn, peppers, jalapeños and onion.  The source is Cooks Illustrated, a fabulous local test kitchen.  It’s a wonderful recipe as it’s very flexible in its ingredients, and easy to make your own. Check them out and try this one today!  

Tequila Shrimp

Fire up the grill! Here’s a quick and tasty marinade, and a fabulous use for those jalapeños! If Tequila isn’t in your pantry, you’ll need just a nip’s worth to make this one. If working with frozen jalapeños, remember that they’ll be twice as hot as the fresh ones!