Ingredient: Peppers

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Bell Peppers

  • Description-

Bell peppers come in many colors such as green, red, orange, yellow, even purple.

  • Preparation-

Bell peppers can be used raw in salads or crudites, or cooked in stir fry or with sausage, peppers can also be stuffed with almost anything or roasted.

  • Storage-

Bell peppers can be stored in a plastic bag in the fridge, they will last 4-6 days. Green peppers will keep longer than other peppers because they are actually unripe red peppers.

Peppers are one of the few veggies that you can freeze up without needing to blanch first.  Ensure they are clean, chop, prep and freeze to enjoy later!  They won’t hold up for use in salads, but are great for stir fries and sauces.

  • Nutrition- A, B6, C, K, fiber

Bell Peppers


Poblano Peppers (medium spice, thicker skin)


Hungarian Wax Peppers

Italian Peppers (mild)

Jingle Bell Peppers (snacky sweet!)


What to do if you’re overwhelmed with peppers?  Roast them!  Our fellow blogger Tori Avey has a great breakdown of how to roast them up using different methods.


Pickling peppers is a fabulous way to enjoy them for a while.  Jess likes to do this with jalapeños and some of the hotter peppers mixed in.


Not sure what else to do with the hotter peppers?  Hang them as decorations and let them dry out.  Eventually you can crush them and use them as a sprinkle on pizzas, in sauces, and wherever tickles your fancy.


Hot Habañeros drying out for later use

Poblano peppers can have a bit of a thicker skin to them, and Roasting Poblano Peppers to a char, then rubbing off the skin is a great way to start recipes in which you are going to stuff them, such as Chile Rellenos (Jess’ absolute favorite), or with chicken and cheese. 



Recipes Using Peppers

Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta is a dish that involves grilled and mashed eggplant with yummy spices. You can choose the spice level that works for you by varying the amount of hot peppers used, and whether or not you choose to include the seeds. If you’re short on time, grill the eggplant ahead of time and store it in the fridge until you’re ready to cook up the rest of the dish. If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, I found this dish is even more delicious the next day. Thanks to NYT Cooking for this adaptation, who adapted it from chef Julie Sahni!

Winter Root Vegetable Chili

A great comfort food to get you through the winter doldrums (or a depressing Superbowl). This is a very flexible recipe.  Turnips, small diced sweet potatoes, and carrots would also work as your primary veggies.  Substitute the beef for ground pork, chicken, goat (chorizo!), turkey or tofu (though I’d recommend adding the latter about 30 minutes from the end of cook time).  As always, make it your own!

Butternut Squash and Black Bean Deliciousness

This is a very flexible recipe, wonderful with charred poblanos or jalapeños, add some ground beef for an even heartier version. Tomatillos also work, but can be left out as well. With the base of the squash and the black bean, the rest is pretty negotiable depending on what you have on-hand to work with. Make it your own and enjoy!