Ingredient: Microgreens

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So what’s the deal with microgreens, anyway?!??

They are basically the tinier version of whatever plant the seeds from which they sprouted are destined to grow into. (Please note if you receive your greens in a Johnny Putt box, the entire box is compostable when you are done!) 

This carpet of green can be snipped low using some kitchen scissors.  Snip as low as you can without grabbing the seed and/or root.

These, for example, are micro radishes.  If you let them do their thing (by planting and thinning them out), they’d grow into full sized radishes.  So why eat the microgreen version instead, you ask?  The main reason is because they provide an entirely different nutritional content (microgreens have an exponentially higher nutrient content when compared to that of their parent vegetables), and often an entirely different taste.  

These corn shoots are an experiment from Johnny Putt Farm.  The initial taste of one of these shoots is bitter, followed by a saccharin/stevia type development. The finish, however, brings on the sweetness only rivaled by the first fresh summer corn of the season. Though we are still figuring out how to cook with these (and Gerry from Johnny Putt is still experimenting with the best way to grow them), they are a taste sensation worth experiencing.  

I have fallen in love with these sunflower shoots. Their leaves have a succulent and nutty quality I’d compare to purslane.  

Eat them as-is for a nutritional punch, toss them in a salad, or enjoy as seen here with sesame oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper.  

Microgreens make a great topping for just about any dish.  Seen above is a topping for a stir-fry.

This micro basil gave a nice punch to the ricotta and fritatta.  

The micro basil also added a subtle and delicious flavor to these marinated mushrooms. 

We ourselves are still experimenting with the best way to enjoy some of these newest microgreens to emerge from Johnny Putt’s house of hydroponics.  Check back here for more ideas, or better yet, share your own with us!  


Recipes Using Microgreens

Lacos (aka Lettuce Tacos)

Lacos, or “lettuce tacos” can be an easy way to go gluten-free or paleo with your dinner. It’s also fun and delicious, the ingredients are very flexible, it’s more of a concept than a recipe… Next time you get that big leafy lettuce in your garden or your CSA, consider if it’ll make a nice alternative to a tortilla, and if so, prepare your taco ingredients!