Ingredient: Soda

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Tower Brand Soda

imageI find it near impossible on a hot sunny day to leave the farmstand without picking up a bottle of Tower Soda.  You just can’t beat this stuff.  Saturday, I got to meet the folks behind the delicious elixir – Larry and Maureen were so friendly and their story was fascinating!  A three generation operation, Larry is the grandson of Domenick Cusolito. He was one of the original founders of Prospect Hill Bottling and Soda Water Company, started in 1914.  It was nice meet the source of the good karma going into each bottle.



imageSarah recommends pairing one with some ice cream for a quick and delicious treat!

Recipes Using Soda

Cream Soda Syrup

Looking for something unique to do with your local soda? This is a versatile treat is great with roasted vegetables chilled fruits, mix into whipped cream and perhaps more! Use your imagination!

Meatballs with Ginger Ale Sauce

Sarah’s unique use of the Tower soda in our CSA box was a hit! Sarah’s secret ingredient is pesto, so grab a block from your chest freezer if you have some, or whip some up with whatever greens you may have on hand!